Taste-tested: The best ramen in Copenhagen

Taste-tested: The best ramen in Copenhagen

It’s time for another taste test!

This time, I ventured out into the world of noodle soups and stopped by three ramen-yas all across town to slurp my way to the best ramen in Copenhagen.

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As far as my research goes, there are only three “real” ramen places: Papa Ramen, Mikkeller’s Ramen To Biiru, and Slurp Ramen Joint. I’m aware that there are other restaurants that serve ramen, but those are of the “Asian Fusion” variety and for this Grand Tour de Ramen, I wanted to focus on the spots that specialize in the Japanese noodle soup.

Let’s dive right in!


Papa Ramen

Vegetarian ramen with shiitake broth, mushrooms, sweet corn, sprouts, and a poached egg
Tonkotsu ramen with braised pork, leek, garlic chips, and a poached egg


Papa Ramen has a large selection of different types of ramen – from classic shio and shoyu ramen to more extraordinary varieties such as tonkotsu chorizo. I went with the veggie version, while the boyfriend opted for a tonkotsu ramen (creamy broth made from pork bones).

The veggie ramen was generously loaded with toppings including mushrooms, sweet corn, burned garlic, a poached egg, and a variety of sprouts. The shiitake-based broth was delicious, and the charred garlic added some depth to the dish. The noodles were delicious, too.

Prices at Papa Ramen are fair – a bowl of ramen will set you back between 110 DKK (veggie) and 125 DKK.

Rating: 🍜🍜🍜🍜

Papa Ramen, Skydebanegade 16 and Studiestræde 67, paparamen.dk


Ramen To Bíiru

Vegetarian ramen: Kombu (seaweed) broth, mushrooms, seaweed, spring onion, and egg
Spicy Goma ramen: Spicy chicken broth, minced chili chicken, spring onion, and pak choi


Mikkeller’s Ramen To Biiru (“ramen and beer”) was a first mover on the Copenhagen ramen scene (I’ve actually written about them before, here). They started out in a tiny shop in Nørrebro, but have since expanded to a second location in Vesterbro, close to Enghave Plads. Their menu has a lot of variety and includes monthly specials, such as Kimchi ramen.

Again, I opted for the vegetarian version, which is based on a seaweed broth and topped with mushrooms, seaweed, and spring onions. I have to say that this was probably my least favorite veggie ramen of the three – it’s not that it was bad at all, but it felt a little bit lackluster, as if it was added to the menu as more of an afterthought.

Along the way, I found myself wishing I had chosen as wisely as the boyfriend, who clearly had the winner of the night: spicy Goma ramen with chicken broth, ground chili chicken, spring onion, and pak choi. That was a bowl of spicy-hot deliciousness that really stood out.

Prices start at 100 DKK for the classics and go up to 125 DKK for specialty ramen. You only get half a soft-boiled egg, so make sure to order extra if you – like me – love egg in your ramen!

Rating: 🍜🍜🍜🍜

Ramen To Biiru, Enghavevej 58 and Griffenfeldsgade 28, ramentobiiru.dk


Slurp Ramen Joint

Shio ramen with pork, spring onions, negi, red pepper, and egg
Veggie ramen with a mushroom broth, roasted oyster mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, red onions, egg, and salad


Slurp Ramen Joint has quickly become a local hot spot, and that honor is well-deserved. The menu is very small, covering only three classics: shio, shoyu, and veggie ramen, as well as one specialty ramen that changes regularly.

Their veggie ramen was my favorite – it’s heavy on the mushroom side, with a rich mushroom broth and topped with different mushrooms, but it’s simply so, so good! The noodles are thin and have a great texture, and the fresh onions and salad give a nice crunch. Their eggs are brined and served whole, which is a bit challenging to eat – seriously, any actual tips on what I’m supposed to do here (stuff the entire egg in my mouth? Try to take a bite? But how do I hold the egg with the sticks? It’s all very confusing) will be very welcome.

Their shio ramen was well received, too. The pork was thin and tender, and the toppings included spring onions and yuzu (Japanese citrus).

At a 135 DKK per bowl, Slurp is the highest priced of the bunch, but it’s worth splurging!

Rating: 🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜

Slurp Ramen Joint, Nansensgade 90, slurpramen.dk


Where’s your favorite ramen spot in Copenhagen? Let me know in the comments!


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