A Foreigner’s Perspective

3 things that could be improved in Danish health care

The Danish health care system has a great reputation and is widely known as being one of the best in the world. And don’t get me wrong, any system that provides even the most basic care for all of a country’s residents is a good […]

10 tips for a successful and happy expat life

Being an expat has its ups and downs – hopefully mostly ups! Today, I’m sharing ten pieces of advice for any expat – current or future – to make the most out of the expat experience and lead a successful and happy expat life. I’d […]

[Guest post] Volunteering in Copenhagen: CPH:PIX

As you may or may not be aware, the CPH:PIX film festival is currently ongoing in Copenhagen! Whether you’re a cinema enthusiast or just like to go to the movies every once in a while, I’m sure this is something that’s worth checking out. I […]

Five things Danes say to me a lot

[Warning: not to be taken entirely seriously!] In my about two and a half years of living in Copenhagen, I’ve talked to many Danes – first in English, now in Danish. They are no doubt a bunch of nice and friendly people – with exceptions, of […]

An open letter to Movia and DSB

Normally, I’m all for being positive. But it’s Monday, and nobody likes Mondays, so what better day for a little rant. The public transportation system in the Copenhagen metropolitan area consists of three main means of transport: busses, S-trains, and the metro (underground). There are […]

A foreigner’s perspective: Dual citizenship in Denmark

A foreigner’s perspective: Dual citizenship in Denmark

In June of this year, a majority of parties in the Danish parliament (Folketinget) entered in an agreement that will allow dual citizenship in Denmark. The agreement is being turned into a law proposal this fall, and the law will come into effect in the summer of […]

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