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I’m a PR friendly blogger, and I’m open for co-operation with brands and products that are relevant to my audience. I’m always happy to receive requests! Below, you can find some suggestions for possible co-operations, as well as some basic principles for working with me, as well as media and pricing information.


Would you like to work with me?

Great! We’ll be a good fit if you’re a company/ brand with a product relevant to my audience and the focus of my blog. I write for a readership of expats, mostly living in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, so please keep in mind that some of my readers might not be fluent in Danish (yet!).

There are many ways we can work together, including but not limited to:

  • Product reviews: If your product is a good fit for my audience, I can test and review it. I want to provide my readers with my honest opinion, including taking my own photos.
  • Sponsored give-aways: I can host a give-away for your product on my blog, including promotion via all social media outlets.
  • Events: I can attend your event (like a product launch, store opening, etc.) and write about the experience afterwards.
  • Restaurant reviews: If you’re a local restaurant, I’m happy to be invited over to taste your food and write a review.
  • Content production: Are you looking for a freelance writer to produce content related to focus topics of my blog, like expat lifestyle, food, and travel? Reach out to me with more details, and I’m happy to get back to you.

I’m always open for other suggestions regarding a potential cooperation, so just feel free to reach out to me with more specifics.


My basic principles

  • I select the brands and products I work with and promote on this blog carefully to make sure that they are a good fit with both myself and my readers.
  • Sponsored or promoted posts will always be labelled as such. If a post is not marked as sponsored/ promoted, that means I have no co-operation with the brand.
  • All posts, sponsored or not, will always reflect my honest opinion, and I will always stand behind what I write about a product, service, or experience.
  • This also means that I write all of my posts myself. I don’t publish press releases or other text from third parties. I do sometimes have guest posts, but those are written by other bloggers or writers, not brand representatives.
  • I likely won’t want to use up any of my time writing a negative review about a product or an event that I didn’t like. But, of course, I won’t write anything positive, either. I think that’s a fair deal for both sides.


Media info and pricing

If interested, please request a media kit with stats by email to

Rates for advertising and sponsored posts can be found here.


Who I’ve worked with

  • MOVE Guides: Contribution to city guide for Copenhagen, including local procedures, processes and challenges for moving to Denmark, as well as local cultural advice, tips, and pitfalls to help those relocating to settle comfortably.
  • Eat Smart in Denmark: Event attendance and give-away of sponsored book
  • KACHEN – Luxembourg’s first food magazine: Article and photographs for a culinary travel guide to Copenhagen, including an introduction to the city, highlights of the Danish cuisine, and recommendations for restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Urban House Copenhagen: Blogger event attendance and review
  • World Trade Press: Guide to Danish proverbs and their meaning; for the A to Z World project
  • Sony: Review and give-away of sponsored headphones
  • Ecco Shoes: Preview of SS2016 collection sneakers (Ecco Intrinsic)
  • Oryx In-Flight Magazine: Article “24 hours in Copenhagen” for the in-flight magazine of Qatar Airways
  • Radisson Blu: Contribution to an article about Copenhagen’s best music festivals
  • HamperGifts: Contribution to an article about carnival traditions in Denmark and Germany
  • Telegraph: Foodie guide to Copenhagen (sponsored by American Express)
  • Meininger Hotels Blog: Article “The perfect weekend in Copenhagen”
  • Hostelworld Blog: Article “16 best bars in Copenhagen that won’t break the bank”


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7 thoughts on “Work with me”

  • Also would like to know the place in copenhagen where lovers or married people would make a lock and throw the key inside the river, thus believing that their relationship will be locked for ever and will not broke. My wife is ineterested much abt this as she had read abt this LOCK bridge at india, before arrving at copenhagen. Thanks

  • Just a suggestion, while surfing by. If you are into jewellery, try to take a look at Troldekugler (“Troll Beads”) . It might interest you. I have no affiliation with them, but just happened to learn about them some time ago.

  • Hej! i am so glad i found your blog !I am visiting copenhague for a weekend at the end of this mounth with my friend! I know i know i must be cursed ,but we wanted to discover the real scandinavia during the off-Season. I read in your blog that there is not much to do in that period ! May i get few recommendations ?
    Good luck with your futur projects and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Ran, there’s definitely still plenty to do in Copenhagen in the early months of the year! One of my favorite things is to take a day trip up the coast to the Louisiana museum, it’s a beautiful scenery and the museum is great. Hope you have a fantastic trip!

  • Glad to have stumbled upon your blog – very informative! I’m visiting Copenhagen next month for a long weeekend and you’ve given me lots of ideas on how to spend my time there, thank you! Mattea

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