An elegant white and blue Danish late-summer garden party

My boyfriend’s dad turned 60 last week, and yesterday, he invited about 40 friends and family to an elegent birthday party in their lovely back yard. They live in a Copenhagen suburb, and their garden goes out towards green fields, woods, and a lake. It’s quiet and idyllic, and a perfect setting for a Danish garden party. The weather was incredible, too, it was almost too hot to be in  the sun for too long, but when we sat down in the white tents for an early dinner, we enjoyed a soft breeze that took the heat off. The setting was held in navy and white, very elegant and also very typical for Denmark (see for example the Royal Copenhagen porcelain). We enjoyed a glass of champage and amazing food from a local restaurant, which I absolutely have to visit at some point! And in the end, there was a classic birthday layer cake (“lagkage”), of course! It was a lovely day that lasted long into the evening, after the almost full moon had risen in a clear sky. Here are some pictures I took of this lovely and elegant affair - though I’m keeping out photos of guests, as I don’t know whether they’d want to be shown.

Have a great Sunday!


The lovely setting


Blue and white tables


Ready for the guests


Can’t go wrong with a glass of champagne


Chili pasta


Glazed potatoes and onions

Tomato and feta on a bed of salad

And this beauty: a ham on the bone, with a mustard and honey glaze


Cheese heaven!

A chocolate and Baileys cake (recipe to follow!)


The grand finale: lagkage!


  1. Helle Deleuran says

    Lovely pictures bringing memories of a wonderful party. Thank you for your support and the tasty chocolate/Bailey Cake.
    Love Helle (Mother in law)

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