A winter weekend in Copenhagen

This past weekend, my parents came to visit, which is always great. Since they’ve been here a couple of times now, they already start to feel at home, and we can skip all the touristy stuff and focus on spending some quality time together, doing what we like.

On Saturday, we started off on Ravnsborggade, where we browsed through the antiques/ vintage stores. I wish I had known this place earlier, because it is amazing! There are at least 8-10 antique stores side by side, and you could spend countless hours hunting for treasure. Some of the stores specialize in furniture, some in clothes and accessories, some in decorations and glassware. And some are just basements crammed full with old stuff - electronics, pieces and parts of furniture, glass panes, old newspapers and magazines, and all sorts of undefinable kitsch. I highly suspect that you could hunt down some seriously great finds in places like this, but you’d probably have to spend hours upon hours.

We didn’t spend much time in each store, but I did find a treasure: this beautiful small Barbour cross body bag, that my dad spotted under a bunch of fur coats and granny blouses!

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After our little shopping excess, we were in serious need of some refreshments, so I decided to show my parents the burger heaven that is Halifax. We slouched into a booth in their restaurant near Nørreport station and feasted on their delicious burgers and fries - seriously, best fries in town. I promise! With our full bellies, we only managed to make our way back home for a well-deserved nap on the couch.

After darkness had fallen, we headed into Tivoli, which is just as amazing in its Christmas outfit as it is for Halloween. The theme this year is “Christmas in the Alps” in celebration of the oldest rollercoaster’s 100 year anniversary. I’m always amazed and touched by the beautiful light-and-music show they put on at the lake. Like last year, the music is from The Nutcracker, and the lights and water show is just so pretty. Definitely go and see it! The rest of Tivoli is just as pretty.

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To conclude the night, we headed over to the Plaza Hotel’s Library Bar to warm up with a cocktail. There was live piano music, and the girl did a great job. Seeing as there isn’t a lot of room in the bar, they had to get creative with their Christmas decorations! I also felt like a princess for about 10 seconds, while sitting in this awesome throne chair.

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On Sunday, we went for breakfast/ brunch - honestly, if my life consisted exclusively of brunch and cocktails, I would be perfectly happy! I picked out The Union Kitchen in a street just off of Nyhavn, and it was a great choice! They are just the right mix of edgy, hipster, industrial chic with a dark twist, and they make great food and coffee - expect a separate post coming soon!

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After a quick stint into Magasin, we headed back home, where we spent the rest of Sunday relaxing, taking a walk in the crisp, windy winter weather, making æbleskiver, and cooking a nice homemade dinner. Then, as is a good old German tradition, we watched “Tatort”, a crime series before heading off to bed. All in all, a perfect early winter weekend! Hope you had a great one, too - and have a great week!

Delicious comfort food at O’s American Breakfast & Barbecue

Last weekend, the cold really started to set in. We braced ourselves, because winter was coming (lame Game of Thrones pun alert!), with cloudy grey skies, a soft drizzle, and the ever-present icy cold wind - the kind that makes its way through all of your layers of clothes. What a dilemma, because there was a big “loppemarked” (flea market) on Ravnsborggade, which lies in central Nørrebro, just north of the lakes. It is home to local brewery Nørrebros Bryghus as well as a long list of antique and vintage stores, which were all going to be open on said Sunday last week, and I had my mind set on stumbling across some great treasures there. So we would just have to brace the weather!

In order to get the boyfriend to come with me, I had to get a bit inventive, because he’s not a fan of shopping, “old crap stores” or cold weather (seems like he didn’t get the memo that he’s Danish!). So I suggested to have a nice breakfast before, with pancakes and bacon - not surprisingly, that totally worked! I had been wanting to try out O’s American Breakfast & Barbecue, and since it’s about a 10 minute walk from Ravnsborggade, that worked out perfectly. I called and managed to book a table, and off we went.

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I had passed by the place many times, but I was quite surprised at how small it actually is inside! One small room, a counter, and an open kitchen, yet somehow they have seats for around 20-25 people in there. That naturally means you sit a bit squeezed and close to other people, but hey - who cares? a) It’s cozy, and b) it’s American! I only wish their furniture was a bit more “diner style” (booths would be awesome!) to carry the ambiance.

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We ordered coffee, juice and a milkshake (leave it to my boyfriend to order a gigantic vanilla milkshake for breakfast!), and those were all reaaaally delicious. O’s offers free refills for brewed coffee, but I’m more of a cappuccino type, so I went with that.

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They have different breakfast plates for 79 DKK, which I think is a very fair price! You get a choice of three items, which you can “mix and match” as you like. I went with French toast, sausage, hash browns, and two over easy eggs on the side, while the boyfriend chose pancakes, bacon (after all, that is what I had promised him!), hash browns, and eggs on the side.

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Again, I would like to stress that I am not American and therefore do not have any authority over the subject, but in my opinion, THIS is what pancakes should be like! They are gigantic, thick, and fluffy, begging to be soaked in syrup. Absolutely delicious! I will sing equal praise on the French toast, which was thin, nicely prepared (not soggy at all) and perfectly seasoned with vanilla and cinnamon.

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I think this is probably one of the very, very few (if not the only) places in Copenhagen where you can get hash browns. Yummy! I’m a fan! The sausage was like I know it from the States, too, so not the kind they usually serve for “continental breakfast” over here in Europe. Bacon and eggs were cooked to perfection as well.

I’d read some reviews on Yelp before that were not happy with the service, but I absolutely can’t understand that. When we were there, the staff was very friendly, sweet and attentive, our beverages and food came super fast and even though we both ordered sides and customizations, nothing got mixed up.

This charming little place has definitely made its way into my “favorite breakfast spots” list, and I already can’t wait to go back and eat more pancakes!

O’s American Breakfast & Barbecue, Øster Farimagsgade 27, 2100 Copenhagen (Østerbro)


A Danish Christmas gift guide

As an expat living in Denmark, I like to explore local options when giving Christmas gifts. Denmark is known for many great brands, and I like the idea of giving my loved ones things that they might not ordinarily get their hands on and introduce them to brands that they aren’t familiar with. So I’ve compiled a little guide with Christmas gifts that can inspire you when thinking about presents for your friends and family.


For your girlfriend/ wife/ mom/ sister…


  1. Georg Jensen‘s “Daisy” collection is widely famous by now. I really like the silver versions, and this silver bracelet with white emaille details is a timeless and elegant piece. (DKK 775, here)
  2. Not only does Tromborg produce great environmentally friendly beauty care and makeup products, their bottles can easily be used as decorative items in your bathroom! The lavender facial mist refreshes the skin and smells like a summer vacation in Provence. (DKK 210, here)
  3. Who doesn’t enjoy taking a bath? Make your own little home spa with these three salt scrubs from Badeanstalten. (DKK 189, here)


For your boyfriend/ husband/ dad/ brother/ …


  1. It’s no secret, gin is on the rise and more and more small distilleries are popping up everywhere. Geranium is a Danish-produced London Dry Gin that draws its name from one of its main ingredients. It has a fresh, citrusy taste. (DKK 279, here)
  2. One of my favorite Danish clothing brands, Filippa K, makes classic, high-quality clothing items for both men and women. This bordeaux sweater would be a great addition to any guy’s closet. (DKK 999, here)
  3. If your guy loves music and you’re not afraid to spend big, why not spoil him with a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H3 earphones? Sound and style combined - definitely beats your standard iPhone earplugs! (DKK 1.499, here)


For your kids/ nieces and nephews/ smaller siblings…


  1. I am completely in love with this whale pillow from Ferm Living! Isn’t it just the cutest thing? (DKK 299, here)
  2. It’s a well-known fact all around the world: everyone loves Lego. Except stepping on one of the bricks, which is arguably the worst pain ever. This cool special edition Mærsk freight ship set combines two well known Danish brands and might also be suitable for an older target group. (DKK 1.199, here)
  3. Wouldn’t you just love to snuggle up in the adorable bed set from By Nord? I know I would! This set is specifically for kid’s size beds. (DKK 399, here)


For the apartment


  1. Everybody knows Royal Copenhagen. And there’s a reason for that - their classic, white and blue porcelain design is classic and timeless, and it’s a great collectible. Why not start someone’s collection with this set of two coffee cups in a nice gift box? (DKK 999, here)
  2. Do you know anyone who loves design and drinks tea? You’ve just found the perfect gift: this stylish tea pot by Design Letters. The typography was designed by Danish icon Arne Jacobsen. Optionally, add cups with initials! (DKK 599, here)
  3. I’ve mentioned Skandinavisk scented candles before, and I’m really a big fan of them! There are some special winter/ Christmas scents, like this one, “Snow”. (DKK 250, here)


To bring


Want to spoil your friends and family with some Danish delicacies for the holidays? How about one of these?

  1. Gold-coated special edition Christmas liquorice from Johan Bülow, 250g. (DKK 100, here)
  2. Classic Danish butter cookies in a funny tin from Tiger. (DKK 30, here)
  3. Christmas beer! So Danish. If you don’t want to go with the classic blue Tuborg cans, opt for Nørrebro Bryghus’ Christmas brew. (ca. DKK 30 per bottle, here)

Rum tasting at the Library Bar

Ahoy mates! Those of you following my blog are well aware that I’m a fan of all kinds of drinks. I have participated in quite a number of wine tastings, but this weekend, I embarked on an adventure of a slightly different kind: a rum tasting! I channeled my inner pirate as best I could, grabbed the boyfriend, and we headed to the Library Bar to not only refresh our knowledge about the pirates’ drink of choice, but also try six different ones ourselves. Oh boy!

The Library Bar is on the ground floor of the Copenhagen Plaza Hotel, right next to the central station. I’d never been there before, but I instantly fell in love - this place is right up my alley! Classy, old school, with hundreds of old books lining the wood-paneled walls, dimly lit, the waiters dapper gentlemen in suspenders. Our steps were muffled by the checkered carpet, and we slouched down on one of the leather couches in a corner.

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We browsed the cocktail menu and admired the dome-like glass ceiling and the chandeliers, as we waited for the tasting to begin, nibbling away at the nuts and chips that were placed on our table, looking oh-so inviting.

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Our host, a very sweet guy named Carlos, was clearly very knowledgeable about rum, and started by introducing us to the history, distillation process and techniques, before serving the first glass to taste. I won’t go into detail about all the different rums, although I did take notes (I am such a nerd sometimes!). But here’s the full selection we got to sample, minus the first one:

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  • Mount Gay
  • Mount Gay XO
  • Matusalem 15 years
  • Matusalem 23 years
  • Ron Zacapa
  • Havana Club Selección de Maestros

I’m normally a gin girl, so I was very excited to make some new experiences with a spirit I’m not in depth familiar with, and I have to admit, I was surprised. The different rums had very different qualities, properties and flavors, and I could clearly point out a favorite - the Matusalem 15 years. It was softer than the others, less sharp, and had a delightful caramel taste to it. Obviously too nice to make a rum and coke with, but I could imagine this going really well in classic cocktails, like a Dark ‘n’ Stormy.

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After trying the first five rums pure - which was necessary to compare the tastes - we got to try the last one, the Havana Club, in a signature cocktail. The cocktail doesn’t have a name yet, but was similar to a Dark ‘n’ Stormy, with a twist. It had ginger beer, lime, and grenadine, and it was so refreshing after the rather heavy pure rum!

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As we walked out of the bar, I definitely had a little buzz going! But I did enjoy the tasting, and I’m certain that I’ll be back at the Library Bar very soon - in fact, I’m planning to take my parents there when they visit in about two weeks! Their cocktail menu looked very promising, so I’m excited to see whether it holds up.

How to host an American Thanksgiving dinner in Denmark

First off, I am well aware I’m not American. But when I lived in New Orleans for some time and experienced a real American (Southern) Thanksgiving, I was instantly hooked. My landlady had invited me to spend it with her and her family, and I got to enjoy the most delicious turkey, oyster stuffing and sweet potato casserole, and I knew I had to have this back home, too. Now, “back home” means Copenhagen, but the boyfriend and I have been hosting Thanksgiving dinners for our friends every year since we moved here together, and I love it (I hope the others do, too!). And since I’ve read a lot of requests about Thanksgiving foods in some of the Facebook groups for expats in Copenhagen, I thought I’d share some of the knowledge I’ve acquired.


The turkey

A Thanksgiving without a turkey would - so I’ve been told - be completely unthinkable. The first time we hosted, it was only for 6 people, so I made do with two large turkey breasts, but last year, we were 10, so more meat was required! Since I also made all sorts of side dishes that needed to be baked, I simply ran out of oven space (despite my great planning, complete with a time-chart of what would be in the oven when and which dishes could overlap due to similar baking temperatures). So we decided to check around and see if there were any butchers or catering companies that would deliver a roasted turkey.

If you are looking to prepare your own turkey, your best choice would probably be a larger supermarket with a good selection and a “real” meat and butcher’s section, like Føtex. You might have to pre-order, as they likely won’t have turkey on stock regularly. Confirmed places where you can get a turkey:

Now if you, like me, are looking for a ready-made turkey, you will want to look around at butcher’s shops. Be prepared though that the price can be quite steep, we paid 900 DKK for a 5kg (ca. 11 lb) turkey, all roasted and with stuffing inside. I know the following confirmed places for ordering a ready-made turkey, but the last two on the list above might also prepare turkeys upon request.

[UPDATE] Rotunden in Hellerup also makes turkeys to order, including stuffing. It costs about 100 DKK per kilo, plus another 200 DKK for the preparation.


Last year’s feast

Other food items

Now, you’ve sorted out the turkey, but what about all the ingredients for the sides? Unfortunately, I don’t know of any purely American grocery stores in the greater Copenhagen area, but there are some larger supermarkets that carry some American products. I’ve seen that SuperBrugsen on Matthæusgade (just off Vesterbrogade) has a large shelf with American products.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, there are several online stores with larger selections of American food items:

  • My American Market, a French company that also ships to Denmark (delivery costs are around 120 DKK for a 5 kg package). They have a Thanksgiving section with pumpkin pie filling, canned yams, corn muffin mix, etc.
  • ShopAmerica.eu, a Dutch company (shipping costs to Denmark are 60 DKK for orders up to ca. 500 DKK, otherwise free!)

My own approach during the last two years has been to make everything from scratch (apart from the turkey), so if you’d like to try something new, why not give it a go? There are a million recipes out there that will teach you how to make all the favorites you might have bought previously yourself and from scratch! Some examples:


The football

For some people, Thanksgiving and football are intimately connected. Lucky for you, football is on the rise in Denmark and you’ll be able to catch at least one or two games before tucking in! The games start at 7pm Danish time, and you can be sure that at least one will be broadcast on TV (usually on TV3 Sport or TV3 Plus).

Are you going to be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner? What are your all-time favorite dishes, and how do you prepare them here in Denmark?