Pretty in pink: Sakura week in Copenhagen

If you have been in Copenhagen last weekend and haven’t been living under a massive rock, you will have noticed that it’s cherry blossom season! The blush and pink blossoms have been popping up all over social media, appropriate hashtags included, of course (check out #sakuraweekcph, for example).

Cherry trees grow all over the city and it most of the many parks, but a clear favorite this year has been Bispebjerg Kirkegård, where there’s an actual “avenue” lined with cherry trees. I’m not sure if you’ll still be able to catch the blossoms, but if you want to try, you should be smarter than me - I just took off to the cemetery, thinking such a popular attraction must be easy to find. Nopes! I wandered around the vast cemetery (which is absolutely beautiful, by the way!) for almost half an hour before I found it - later finding out that there’s actually a placemark on Google Maps for “cherry tree avenue” (here). In short, it is at the opposite end of the cemetery, when looking from the main entrances along Frederiksborgvej. There is a direct entrance to kirsebær allé from Støvnæs Allé 9.

After seeing all those beautiful, pink photos on Instagram and Facebook over the past weekend, I decided to head out there and see for myself, camera in tow. Trying to beat the crowds, I headed out early on Monday morning, before work (but after sunrise, I’m not that crazy). Luckily, there were only a handful of other people taking pictures, so I wandered around, enjoyed the scent, the atmosphere, and just the general pinkness of the entire situation. I also got some really nice shots (I think), so without further ado, I present: Sakura week by The Copenhagen Tales!


  1. liette says

    We will be in Copenhagen for the first time at the end of next week.
    I guess by then all flowers will have fallen. Too bad. It looks so beautiful!

    • says

      Hi Liette, I’m afraid you’ll probably just miss it! But I’m sure you will have a great time in Copenhagen anyways :) Thanks for stopping by!

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