A green update for the living room

Today, I thought I’d share a little nugget of news: I am (almost) officially a real estate owner! We have just completed the process of buying “our” apartment; that is, the one we’ve been renting for the past four years. All the paperwork is complete, though we’re not officially taking over as owners until the 1st of January (because, reasons).

So this is all very exciting for me, but at the same time, I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t get to do all the stuff that comes with getting a new place - the whole daydreaming/ flipping out on Pinterest about interior design, wall colors, buying and arranging furniture, that sort of thing.

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But I’m always up for a little interior update, and most recently, I’ve been focusing on the living room. Our apartment has a big open kitchen/ dining room/ living room. In addition, the previous owner has taken out the wall to the next bedroom, making one GIANT living room. We now use this “appendix” as our main TV/ living room.

The furniture has pretty much been the same since we moved in, and most of it was stuff we already owned before. We replaced our old coffee table about a year ago, and added a white square shelf earlier this year. But recently, I’ve been obsessing with green plants.

Now, my history with house plants is … not great, to say it mildly. Years ago, I often tried my hands at orchids, because I thought they were pretty, and because people told me that they need so little water that they are practically impossible to kill. Can you guess where this story is headed? Exactly. They all died, and I gave up.

But I’ve written earlier about my latest attempt at adding a couple of succulents (see the post here), and a couple of months later, they’re still alive! Emboldened by this groundbreaking success, I’ve grown more confident, and while the boyfriend was away on vacation, I went and bought not one, but four new plants, including some more succulents and a larger-size Monstera palm.

To make the whole setup even more homey, I added another item I haven’t ever had in an apartment: a rug. And I gotta say, I’m really happy with how it all looks. What do you think?

coffee table Ilva   |   rug H&M Home   |   basket Søstrene Grene

pots Bloomingville, Søstrene Grene   |   vase Søstrene Grene   |   scented candle H&M Home

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