The Beef Chief pop-up at Fermentoren

What’s one of my favorite foods? Correct, it’s burgers!

Luckily, Copenhagen has been blessed with an abundance of great burger places - if you need any inspiration, check out my roundups here and here, or this post right here!

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And as if that wasn’t enough, on occasion a traveling burger-slinger will come through town and serve up even more beefy deliciousness. And that’s exactly what happened last weekend, when Dutch burger boss The Beef Chief set up (temporary) shop outside of Fermentoren bar in the Meatpacking District.

The Beef Chief is a two-man project, operating out of the Netherlands. Having perfected their recipe over the years, they travel around the country and serve their burgers at music festivals and food fairs. They also run a permanent pop-up at the Oedipus Brewery in Amsterdam.

One of the beef chiefs used to live in Copenhagen, hence the little Scandinavian road trip - and thank the heavens for that, because I might have completely fallen in love with their burger! For their pop-up at Fermentoren, they had two options on the menu. The first one was an hommage to the classic American Cheeseburger: lettuce, pickles, mustard, and American cheddar.

The second burger on the menu wass called the “Kimchief” and had homemade kimchi, thick slices of crispy dashi bacon, spring onions, and a dollop of Sriracha hot sauce - now, I love Sriracha. So much so that I actually own a t-shirt that proclaims my love for the spicy condiment to the world. So this burger was absolute perfection for me!

I mean, what an absolute stunner!

When it comes to burgers, yes, the “trimmings” are important - not gonna argue with that. But you can stuff as many fancy things in there as you like - if you don’t have the basics down, your burger is going to be average at best. The basics, of course, are the meat and the bun.

The meat shouldn’t be too overwhelming - your meat-to-bun-and-other-stuff ratio shouldn’t be too high (at least in my opinion). For me, the perfect burger patty is about as thick as my finger (if you must know, I do have quite the sausage fingers, so that’s actually not too thin), not too firmly packed, and cooked medium. The Beef Chief’s patty hit the spot - just check the drool-worthy picture below!

When it comes to the bun, I prefer the sweeter, more brioche-like varieties to the classic sesame seed or ciabatta-like buns. These buns were amazing, soft and squishy, warmed on the grill for just a couple of seconds to give them a bit of a charred taste.

So, if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, I’d suggest you go and pay The Beef Chief a visit. Otherwise, follow them on Facebook to find out about any upcoming road trip adventures - who knows, they may be coming to a city near you!

Also, Beef Chief, please come back to Copenhagen. I miss you already!

I was invited to sample the burgers for free. I received no further compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

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