Street food at Rørvig harbor

Last weekend, two of my favorite things in the world came together.

Or rather, one of my favorite things came to one of my favorite places. That sounds weird. Let me explain.

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Rebel Food is a collective of street food vendors and food trucks that organizes street food markets and events in and around Copenhagen. Among their trucks and carts are favorites like Jipi (THE BEST empanadas), El Jefe (excellent tacos and quesadillas), Vegan Volume (vegan and raw street food), and Mundfryd (vegan ice cream and coffee).

This summer, a brilliant genius had the idea to take their market on a little summer tour - to Rørvig, a popular summer house town in Northern Zealand. And coincidentally, the town where my in-laws’ summer house is!

But you already know that. I’ve written like a gazillion posts about Rørvig already (check here).

Rebel Food set up shop down by the beautiful harbor, with a small but delicious selection, including the above trucks, a bar, and a DJ to provide a nice, laid-back musical backdrop.

Luckily enough, the weather on Saturday couldn’t have been more perfect - it was a beautiful summer day with sunshine and very little wind, leading into a balmy summer night with a stunning sunset.

In short, the perfect weather to sit at one of the long wooden tables and enjoy the view over the harbor with its sailboats, sipping on a cold drink, and nibbling on some delicious food.

We started with some drinks.

White wine for me, a beer for the boyfriend.

We arrived about an hour prior to closing time, but due to the amazing weather, the market had been a super popular destination during the day, so by the time we got there, some trucks had already sold out.

But I’m never one to pass on a Jipi empanada, so that’s what I went with.

I even got to try a new one, with portobello mushroom, black beans, and a spicy sauce. Loved it!

The atmosphere was great, with more and more people coming down - some bringing fries, flæskesteg-sandwiches, and ham-and-cheese toasts from the little kiosk, as the trucks were slowly running out of food.

When all the wine was gone, I had a perfect excuse to switch to a G&T. Luckily, the beer was still flowing.

We sat for some time, people-watching, happily chatting away and enjoying our food and drinks.

This is what all summer evenings should be like!

I believe this was a resounding success - and the guy I talked to at the bar confirmed as much - so I really hope that Rebel Food (or other street food organizations) will make this a regular thing. I’d definitely be there!

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