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Easter at Tivoli Gardens

April 23, 2019 4 Comments

You already know I love Tivoli Gardens. I think it’s fantastic to have a huge park/ amusement park area in the center of the city, and it’s really worth a visit regardless of the season. There used to be only two “seasons” at Tivoli: summer, and Christmas. A few years ago, they added a Halloween season with spooky themes and tons of pumpkins. And now, they’re doing Easter, too! (I should say though that it is entirely possible that Tivoli has been open for Easter before and I just wasn’t aware.)

Just in time for the long Easter weekend, spring came out in full force, so the husband and I decided to make the most out of the day and check out Easter Tivoli.

It’s not as opulently decorated as for Christmas and Halloween, but there are fresh spring flowers blooming everywhere, and the gardens are just beautifully maintained. There’s even an automatic lawnmower with bunny ears and a fluffy tail!

We stopped for a little refreshment at Øriginal Is, who are serving delicious ice cream rolls and milkshakes just beside the big lawn by the stage. I had a serving of freshly made ice cream rolls with white chocolate and raspberry, and the husband had an Oreo milk shake.

In multiple locations across the gardens, there are some enclosures with animals, like sheep, lamb and chickens. Super cute, and really fun for kids to look at and maybe even pet (if you can get them to come to you).

We finished our visit with a glass of French rosé from Le Petit Vinbar at the Tivoli Food Hall, which by the way is absolutely worth a visit, even if you’re not visiting the gardens themselves. You can still sit outside in the sun and peek over into the gardens while enjoying a burger, nachos, or just a glass of wine or a gin and tonic.

Turns out Tivoli is great in every season - I’m really looking forward to the Fredagsrock concerts during the summer, too. There are some really cool names on the list - I’m definitely going to see Lauryn Hill and MØ, who can always be counted on for a rocking show!

Did you visit Easter Tivoli? And what’s your favorite Tivoli season? Let me know in the comments below!


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    April 23, 2019

    Easter time at Tivoli would be beautiful! 🐣 I was lucky enough to see Tivoli at Halloween a couple of years ago and it was magical. 🎃.

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      April 27, 2019

      Maybe you’ll make it back for Easter season some time in the future - but any time is fantastic to visit Tivoli! :)

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    April 24, 2019

    I last visited the Tivoli in December and even though it was raining cats and dogs and it was super freezing, it was still absolutely magical! Easter there sounds even better, though!

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      April 27, 2019

      Tivoli is great any time of the year, really - they all have their charm! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit despite the weather :)


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