Spring in Copenhagen: Everyday vacation feeling

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to live near water, preferably by the sea. I don’t particularly enjoy swimming in ocean water, because it’s salty and weird stuff keeps touching my legs and the ground is stony or covered in sharp sea shell fragments ready to cut my feet. But I love being at the beach, I love the smell of sea water (if it’s not too strong, of course!), the fresh breeze and the sounds of the water, the waves and the seagulls.

During the winter, which can feel eternally long, it’s not always easy to see the benefits of living close to the sea. The fresh breeze that I enjoy so much in the summer turns into icy cold winds of almost storm-like speeds, there’s ice everywhere, and it’s usually a couple of degrees colder than in the inland. But as soon as the first rays of sun come out and the temperatures creep up, it becomes just lovely. It makes me want to wrap myself tightly in a scarf and jacket and take a walk at the seaside, taking it all in.

When I moved to Copenhagen, I luckily found an area (more by accident then by design) that’s sometimes called “Copenhagen’s Little Venice”: Sluseholmen. It’s famous for its architectural design (sometimes we get groups of architecture students walking through our back yard taking notes) and the little canals and bridges separating the house blocks from each other. It gets its name from the watergate (sluse) located nearby. My favorite feature of the area is the row of little red boat houses at the waterfront, home to Valby Boat Club, which pose a striking contrast to the modern, clear-cut architecture of the apartment buildings.

The area offers many more great details, for example our own “havnebad” (harbor bath), where you can sunbathe and swim for free during the summer. There are many, many places to secure your boat, in fact many apartments on the ground floor actually have little ladders down to the water and their own docking places. At the watergate, there’s also a small shipyard where people can work on their own boats. We have two resident pairs of swans as well as different ducks and seagulls. Unfortunately, there are also some jellyfish in the water in the summer!

In German, there’s a phrase called “wohnen, wo andere Urlaub machen” - living where other people spend their vacation. In the spring and summer, it certainly feels that way here!

View from my balcony towards the watergate

View from my balcony towards the watergate

Boats near the watergate

Boats near the watergate

Tradition meets modern

Tradition meets modern

A house boat at Teglholmen

A house boat at Teglholmen

Around Copenhagen: Spring and snippets

Yes, spring finally made its way to the cold, windy North, and even though I still make the mistake of being overly optimistic about the temperature (even though it looks bright and sunny, it is NEVER warm enough to wear just a shirt and blazer!), the icy winds have turned into breezes, and the wild daffodils and crocuses that started to break through a couple of weeks ago are joined by more and more trees turning green. You can even see the cherry trees blossoming, for example in our own back yard!

foto 1 (4)


I’ve been out and about a bit recently, both when my mom was visiting and with friends, and I thought I’d share some of my recent discoveries around Copenhagen in terms of food, drink, and a good time.


Food: Sukuri Sushi

This place recently opened up around where I live (Sluseholmen), replacing the sushi chain restaurant WabiWabi. The news of WabiWabi closing was quite sad, because I did enjoy the occasional sushi that was so convenient to pick up from there (not to mention that they make really great sushi!). BUT, my prayers were heard and another sushi shop opened up in its place, with a new chef and team, and a new menu. Needless to say, that had to be tested. And I’m more than happy to report that Sukuri more than matches WabiWabi in terms of selection and quality. I would even say that they are better! Their menu comprises everything from classic makis, inside-outs, and nigiris, to sashimi, salads, rice paper rolls with salad, chicken etc., and appetizers like soup, chicken teriyaki and spring rolls. Their rainbow rolls and the rice paper rolls are amazing, and their inside-outs offer some great new combinations that I hadn’t tasted before. Prices are definitely in the upper range, but the quality totally makes up for it. Would definitely recommend! You can eat in or order for pick-up.

http://sukurisushi.dk/  -   Facebook page


Drinks: SkyBar at Tivoli Hotel

When my mom was visiting, we decided to go for some pre-dinner cocktails at the SkyBar on the 12th floor of the Tivoli Hotel in downtown Copenhagen. Technically, the bar and lounge are part of  the sushi restaurant (Sticks’n’Sushi, also a great place to enjoy some delicious sushi), but you can easily just go to sit in the lounge or on one of the giant swings (yes, swings!) in the bar area, with a view over the Copenhagen canal. Their cocktails are brilliantly mixed, putting a Japanese twist on classics. They are fruity, sweet, zingy and plain delicious. Definitely always worth a visit when you’re looking to impress visitors, as you’ll be able to enjoy a 360° view over downtown Copenhagen. They also have an outside terrace for warm summer nights.

http://www.tivolihotel.com/  -  Sticks’n’Sushi & SkyBar


Food: The Laundromat Café

The Laundromat Café is a chain of cozy cafés around Copenhagen (and one in Reykjavic, actually!). Contrary to what the name suggests, you can’t do your laundry there, but you CAN have an amazing brunch there, or just enjoy a coffee and a sandwich. Their brunch concept is plate-based instead of a buffet, but they will serve you a great choice (fruit, pancakes, sausages, eggs, muesli, yogurt, bacon, …) and you definitely will not leave hungry. They also make great juices and their Chai Latte is one of the best ones I’ve tasted. You can’t make reservations, so be there a bit early if you want to go for weekend brunch!

Their locations are on Gammel Kongevej (Frederiksberg), Elmegade (Nørrebro) and Århusgade (Østerbro).



The weekend in pictures

Friday - Girls night


Strawberry Margaritas


Can never go wrong with Baileys


Awesome cat napkins

Saturday - Dinner guests

Dessert, adapted from one of my favorite Danish magazines, “Mad & Bolig” (http://www.madogbolig.dk/)

White chocolate mousse with lime, fresh berries

White chocolate mousse with lime, fresh berries

Weekend flowers


White tulips for a splash of green in these icy white times

Sunday - Icy Copenhagen

Frozen canals in Sluseholmen

Frozen canals in Sluseholmen

Hope you had a nice weekend, all! And if you’re in Copenhagen, stay warm!

Around Copenhagen: Saturday Vesterbro window shopping & burgers

Ealier today, I convinced the boyfriend to come for a little walk with me to do some window shopping, mainly because even after about a year and a half of living in Copenhagen, I still don’t feel like I know my way around the city. That’s mainly due to my job, which meant I had to travel during the week for most of the time I’ve lived here. But with my new job starting on Monday, here in Copenhagen, that hopefully won’t be a problem anymore!

We decided to take a trip to Vesterbro, the “hipster” area of Copenhagen, and to take a stroll down Istedgade. I really loved the atmosphere there, as well as the many antique stores (or as my boyfriend calls them, “old crap stores”). To my great disappointment, he wouldn’t let me buy a big set of antlers that I wanted to paint silver and hang in our apartment. But okay, we already have one of those.

Our first stop was a lovely little interior decorations store called “Girly Hurly“, a tiny little place with the cutest selection of pillows, candle holders, cups, and other decorative items, but I truly loved the framed pictures they have there. I could’ve bought all of those, from the funny little slogans to the stylized maps of Copenhagen and its areas. Definitely not the last time I’ve stopped by there!

WP_20140104_01020140104153824 WP_20140104_02920140104154947

Of course I dragged the boyfriend into two of the antique stores. I just love them, I love the smell of old wood and dust, I love how they are stuffed ceiling-high with furniture, silverware, decoration, lamps, books, glassware and toys, I love to rummage through the stuff to find hidden treasures. Unfortunately, no treasures for me today, but better luck next time!




There are also some cool clothes boutiques on Istedgade, such as Rude or Donn Ya Doll (which, by the way, has the cutest logo ever!), but if there’s one thing the boyfriend hates more than antiques shopping, it’s clothes shopping, so I only went for a quick look (even though they all have massive sales right now!).

As a reward for his patience and because we were hungry, we decided to finally try out Vesterbros Originale Burgerrestaurant, and we were certainly not disappointed! Very hip and cool interiors, complete with a group of 5 guys all wearing beanies, located in an old sauna building, they make amazing burgers, and their homemade ketchup is extremely good, too. Even still, I think I prefer Halifax, because there is simply more choice (the Vesterbro menu only had one chicken and one vegetarian burger option, whereas Halifax lets you pick and choose your entire burger, so you can have each one as veggie or chicken - to be fair, I didn’t try to ask for this at Vesterbro). But nonetheless, I would definitely go to Vesterbros Originale Burgerrestaurant again, and would warmly recommend it to anyone looking for a great burger in CPH.


Further impressions from Istedgade:


Tiny, cozy coffee bar


Obama and the fluffy bunny (selection in a second-hand store window)