An elegant white and blue Danish late-summer garden party

My boyfriend’s dad turned 60 last week, and yesterday, he invited about 40 friends and family to an elegent birthday party in their lovely back yard. They live in a Copenhagen suburb, and their garden goes out towards green fields, woods, and a lake. It’s quiet and idyllic, and a perfect setting for a Danish […]

Typical Danish: The Royal Guards (Den Kongelige Livgarde)

When I get family and friends visiting, or when someone asks me for things to do and see in Copenhagen, I always suggest to catch the changing of the guards at Amalienborg Castle. I’m a fan of these kinds of things, royalty, pomp, ceremony, tradition. But I also think they are a landmark of Denmark […]

Summer vacation in Rørvig

Just like last summer, we headed up to the North of Sjælland (Zealand) to spend a couple of days in the summer house - I’ve already shown you pictures from a dinner at the beautiful marina. Here are some more impressions from those beautiful summer days where time just seems to move a little slower… […]

Dinner at Rørvig marina

I love the sea. I love being at the seashore, at the beach, or on boats, and that was also one of the major selling points for moving to Denmark. And spending time at the summer house my boyfriend’s parents own in the North of Zealand is always a pure pleasure, especially when the weather […]

Impressions from Roskilde Festival 2014

I have to admit, I haven’t been to a music festival in a shockingly long time. I’ve been to concerts, yes, but the last time I did the whole festival experience, including camping, no showers, being drunk pretty much 24/7… that was almost a decade ago. And so I decided to only get a one-day […]