Exploring Denmark’s hidden gems: Sorø


I am a huge fan of weekend trips. It doesn’t always have to be the two week beach vacation (although that’s also pretty nice!), sometimes it’s just great to break out of the daily routines and spend a night or two away from home. We have a couple of trips planned for this summer, one […]

Danish Constitution Day - Grundlovsdag

It’s grundlovsdag (constitution day) today - the closest thing Denmark has to a national day. It celebrates the first democratic constitution that was signed by King Frederik VII. on June 5, 1849, and established the constitutional monarchy with a representative parlamentary system in Denmark. Here are some interesting facts about the Danish Constitution (Danmarks Riges […]

Sommerhusstil - Danish summer cottage style

Yesterday was the first day that actually felt like spring, and the first day this year that allowed me to pull out my sunglasses. The day itself was beautiful, with fresh air, clear blue skies and non-stop sunshine. We spent it with a family brunch and birthday in Frederikssund in Northern Sjælland (Zealand), and after […]

The crazy Danes and their flags

I always find it funny to observe the country I’m living in from an expat perspective. My experience with living in 4 different countries in the last 6 years or so is that not only do you learn a lot about the country and culture you’re living in, but you learn even more about yourself […]

Winter in Copenhagen

Aaah, yes. It is winter. And me, personally, I’m pretty much done with winter after Christmas, okay, maybe New Year. But from January 2nd, I’m ready for spring! Sunshine, flowers, birds singing, warm air, … but no. Denmark is not having any of it. After all, the Danish winter only really kicks of in January […]