Green Living

Danish brands: Retap eco-friendly water bottles

Are you drinking enough water? Chances are you’re not - I know I’m certainly struggling to remember my daily water intake! It’s not because I drink a lot of soda or juices instead, I just forget during a busy day. At my previous job, we […]

My tiny little succulent garden

Danish interior store Søstrene Grene has just launched a new collection at the beginning of the month. It’s called The Artist’s Touch, and it strikes a perfect balance between bohemian and minimalistic. You won’t find straight lines or monochrome colors here - the collection embraces […]

Viking Biking

So, it was my birthday at the beginning of June, and my boyfriend, awesome as he is, gave me a bike! How great is that?! “Wait,” you say, “you live in Copenhagen and you don’t have a bike? What gives?!” And that’s a completely legitimate question! […]

Easy being green: MadMad Mad Bodega opening party

This week, I was invited to attend the opening party of a new concept restaurant in Vesterbro, called MadMad Mad Bodega, on the eve of their opening to the public on May 13th. The story of MadMad Mad Bodega is a success story, as they […]

De-cluttering and recycling in Copenhagen

It might be inspired by the beautiful, neat and clean Scandinavian interiors, but I’ve recently made the decision to start de-cluttering and getting rid of stuff. I feel there are so many things in the apartment and I just keep getting more and more, without actually letting […]

Green Copenhagen - three sustainability initiatives

Copenhagen has a reputation of being very eco-friendly and “green”, not least because of all the biking going on. And it’s true, there are a lot of initiatives that focus on sustainability, environment protection and eco-friendliness. Copenhageners prefer to cycle or use public transportation (or […]

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