Typical Danish: Hot dogs

Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now without a post on hot dogs! Hot dogs are the Danish fast food, it’s as easy as that. The “pølsevogn” (hot dog stand/ cart) is omnipresent in the city - in the shopping streets, on squares, at train stations, at the […]

Typical Danish: Fastelavn

This week, in addition to most kids being off from school for “vinterferie” (winter vacation), we’re also celebrating Fastelavn in Denmark. Fastelavn is basically the Danish form of carnival, which exists in many more or less similar forms across the globe (from the famous carnival in Brazil to Mardi Gras in New Orleans all the […]

Typical Danish: The Danish Royal Family

It’s always been a little bit confusing to me that one of the most liberal democracies in the world still has a constitutional monarchy. And it doesn’t just exist - many Danes are very fond of their Royals. And we’re not only talking elderly, tea-drinking, commemorative-plate-collecting aunties! The royals, especially the Crown Prince couple, Frederik […]

Typical Danish: Liquorice everything

You rarely find a food item that polarizes as clearly as liquorice. At least in my experience, people either love it or they completely dislike it. There’s rarely an in-between. And liquorice has the potential to drive a huge wedge between the Danes and the foreign population of Denmark, because Danes have a tendency to […]

A foreigner’s perspective: Learning Danish

I’ve recently read quite a few articles and blog posts about experiences with learning Danish, and then speaking it in the presence of Danes. It seems that most foreigners actually don’t have very positive experiences in how their attempts to speak Danish are received by native Danes. Many recount being patronized, getting sentences repeated back […]