A stormy weekend and dinner at Tight

If there’s one word to describe this past weekend, it would be dreary. Denmark was in the tight grip of storm “Egon” (don’t you love those old-timey names they give the storms here in Denmark?) and everything was grey and moody. The wind rattled our windows and howled through the streets and into courtyards, blowing over patio and balcony furniture, and the water in the canals rose to almost-concerning levels (very happy I don’t live on the ground floor!).

After spending a relaxed Friday night at home, I had gotten it in my head that we should go for some Mexican food on Saturday. More specifically, I wanted to head back to this little taco shop in the center that – according to my Mexican friends – serves real, authentic tacos, burritos, and nachos. Having never been to Mexico myself, I can only confirm that the food is absolutely delicious! Soft tacos with amazing pulled pork and nachos with homemade chunky guacamole… mmmh! But much to my chagrin, they were closed – despite what it said on their website. Sad face!

So there we stood, on a Saturday night, in the howling winds, in the streets of the inner city, stomachs growling, with no reservations. We wandered down towards Strøget, when the boyfriend suggested Café Tight, in a small side road, that he knows from burger nights with his buddies. Hoping for the best, we poked our cold noses in and were greeted by the friendly hostess, who managed to get us a cozy table in the front of the restaurant within 10 minutes. Not bad for 8:30pm on Saturday, I’d say!

We skimmed the menu and swiftly decided to skip dessert in favor of a starter. I’m a total dessert person, but I knew I couldn’t eat three courses, and I had seen crab cakes on the menu! If there’s one thing I dislike, it’s seafood (the texture gives me nightmares!) but somehow, I absolutely love crab cakes. I’m weird like that, okay?!

For drinks, they will serve you your choice of still or sparkling water, but charge you 10kr for it, which I consider fair. I also had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, which could have been chilled a bit more, but tasted very nice.

Quickly, we were presented with some bread – BLACK bread! Bonus points for creativity – which we hungrily dug into. And a couple of minutes later, our starters arrived – my eagerly awaited crab cakes! And boy, were these babies delicious! Crispy, perfectly seasoned, and served with a spicy chili mayo and a lemon wedge to freshly squeeze on top. Heaven!

My man went with the Jerusalem artichoke soup, which I tried and approved of. Perfect, creamy texture, with some crispy root chips on top, and drizzled with a couple of drops of truffle oil to round off the flavor combination.

For mains, I chose the vegetarian pasta and was served a steaming plate of fresh linguine with baby spinach, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. I have to say, while the pasta was absolutely fine, I wasn’t blown away – but let’s be serious, it’s not easy to get blown away by a pasta dish. It was a huge portion, though, so I was sad to have to send about half of it back due to being seriously stuffed.

My Viking chose the Surf’n’Turf and he was definitely over the moon, saying it was one of the best Surf’n’Turfs he’s ever had (and believe you me, he’s had many!). Served with a potato gratin and some delicious sauce concoction, the meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender – so I’m told. I didn’t actually try it, because a) the seafood issue, and b) it’s borderline dangerous to try and steal meat from my boyfriend!

All in all, this was a great experience. The atmosphere is very cozy, despite the fact that this place seems to be huge – it extends over two stories and has a back part, too, which we could see through the kitchen. Service was friendly and relatively quick, especially taking into account that it was Saturday night and they were crammed full. This also seems to be one of the very few places in Copenhagen where the kitchen is open past 10pm, so if you’re a late diner, this might be a place worth trying.

I will definitely be back soon – maybe just crab cakes and dessert next time!

Dinner at Rørvig marina

I love the sea. I love being at the seashore, at the beach, or on boats, and that was also one of the major selling points for moving to Denmark. And spending time at the summer house my boyfriend’s parents own in the North of Zealand is always a pure pleasure, especially when the weather is as amazing as it was these last couple of days when we were up here. Thursday, we went to have dinner at the popular restaurant at the marina. It’s attached to the local fish store, and even though the ambiance leaves something to be desired (we’re talking plastic chairs and paper plates here), the quality of the freshly caught fish and seafood is just amazing. Add to that the unbeatable location right at the harborfront and you’ve got yourself a great dinner!







Around Copenhagen: House of Souls

I’m very happy to present a special review of one of my favorite restaurants in Copenhagen: House of Souls!

As I already mentioned, we went out for dinner on Friday. Normally, I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day - I honestly don’t really care that much about it. But since we hadn’t been out for dinner in a while, we thought it would be a nice idea. Also, most restaurants offer special multi-course menus for Valentine’s, and I think that’s a great opportunity to try something you normally can’t order at one of your favorite restaurants. So we selected House of Souls (www.houseofsouls.dk), which specializes in the creole/ cajun cuisine that New Orleans is known for. Since I first tried it, it has quickly become a favorite of mine, because the food is just amazing!

The atmosphere is rather clean, not too much decoration apart from a giant oil painting of world record sprinter Florence Griffith-Joyner and some musical instruments. They play soft jazz or blues in the background, which suits the theme very well. The crew is great, always happy and very friendly, including the cutest waiter who will dance while taking your orders!

As I said before, they did have a special Valentine’s menu, which we opted for. It had some very yummy-sounding dishes that are not on the usual menu, so why not give it a try? And we were not disappointed! Every dish was spectacular, and I even ate one of the two marinated prawns, although I usually don’t like shellfish, just because the marinade was so incredible!

Here’s the menu:

foto 1

New Orleans smoked lobster soup with caviar

Grilled prawns, tomato chips and macadamia creme

Beef tenderloin with green pepper glaze, sauce amore and pommes du pont

Cointreau-glazed pineapple with coconut ice cream and ginger tuille

Appetizer: lobster soup

Appetizer: lobster soup

The lobster soup was simply amazing. It had a smoky note to it, was perfectly seasoned - a pure delight. It came with red caviar on a crispy piece of bread, and I could have easily eaten five portions of this! I wish they would put this on their permanent menu…

Starter: marinated prawns on salad with macadamia creme

Starter: marinated prawns on salad with macadamia creme

As I said, I normally not a fan of shellfish, but these prawns were delicious! Grilled in a spicy and fruity marinade, they harmonized very well with the rocket salad and soft macadamia creme. We also had some home-made cornbread on the side, which was perfect as well.

foto 4

Main: beef tenderloin with mushrooms, sauce amore and pommes du pont

I’m not a big steak person, and when I order something in a restaurant or steak house, I always go with the filet. I’m very picky when it comes to meat, and anything that’s fat or “chewy”, I won’t touch. But this tenderloin - beautiful. Great quality meat, prepared to perfection, cooked medium/ medium-well, just how I like it, juicy and tasty. A spicy tomato paste on the side (probably the sauce amore), and some oven-baked potato wedges with a nice seasoning (assuming this is called pommes du pont, even though I hadn’t heard that before). On top of the meat there was a good chunk of home-made chives butter, which complemented the taste of the meat perfectly. All in all, an amazing course!

Dessert: glazed pineapple and coconut ice cream

Dessert: glazed pineapple and coconut ice cream

Dessert - my favorite! As far as this menu had gone, I was already blown away, and the dessert just put the cherry on top. Small balls of fresh pineapple, glazed and caramelized with Cointreau, and a scoop of home-made coconut ice cream. I think the coconut was roasted, which gave the ice cream an especially delicious twist. The pineapples were still warm, so the components played together perfectly.

We chose a white wine (2012 Babich Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand) to go with the entire menu, even though it didn’t quite match the main course. But we’d tasted this wine there before (I’m a sucker for Sauvignon Blanc!) and it is simply great, so we decided we could always order a glass of red for the main course - but in the end, we felt like that would be a bit much wine for us!

All in all, I would definitely recommend House of Souls to anyone looking for a great meal in Copenhagen - it is definitely something completely different from the “standard” New Nordic food you get at so many other great places here. It is warm, spicy, exotic - and amazing! Plus, the prices are absolutely fair, and you can normally get away with sharing a starter and then going for a main each, because the portion sizes are generous (though not wasteful). Definitely try the Creole Duck (comes with a blueberry-rosemary sauce) and the Beef Bayou (with grilled prawns), or go for New Orleans classics like the Seafood Jambalaya or Jerk Chicken. And if you go for dessert (which you should!), I can warmly recommend the cheesecake!

House of Souls

Vestergade 3, 1456 Copenhagen (www.houseofsouls.dk)

House of Souls on TripAdvisor: here