Danish brands: Michelle Carlslund Illustration

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a picture of a super cute Michelle Carlslund print recently. I first came across her work when I saw some posters and prints at the Finderskeepers pop-up store earlier this year, where I also purchased the “Don’t forget to kiss” print.

Photo via michellecarlslund.com


The talented young Danish designer aims to create playful, warm, and nostalgic designs, and I for one am completely in love with her cute and quirky characters and the generally whimsical feeling about her artwork. Michelle’s process includes designs that are cut and glued, others are ink drawings or use watercolors. Some of the recurring motifs include sailors and nautical scenes as well as animals, like a tiger or an incredibly adorable bear.

Photo via michellecarlslund.com


One thing I especially like is that all of her posters are printed on eco-friendly stone paper, which is made from limestone. The production uses no water, trees or bleach, and releases only half as much CO2 as conventional paper production.

You can find Michelle Carlslund’s prints in a number of stores around Copenhagen, including at Magasin (here’s a store locator) as well as in her web shop or via Etsy. In her store, you’ll also find the cutest printed tote bags!

‘ Photo via michellecarlslund.com

Side note: “Bee keeping for dummies“?! I’m dying! This is too cute!!!

Photo via michellecarlslund.com


I’m sure over time many more of her prints will be making their way into my home. I completely fell in love with that bear, and I’m a sucker for anything nautical, so there will be tough choices to make!

What do you think about Michelle’s designs? Which one is your favorite?

Love: Prints, prints, prints (and graphic design)

I’ve been looking around for awesome pictures to put on my (to come) picture wall, and I’ve come across some really cool prints and graphic posters that I really loved, from some really cool brands. I’m sharing some of my favorites below, including the brands!



YapYap is an adorable fantasy creature that is just incredibly cute. He was created by Copenhagen-based graphic designer Kristina Gordon, and there are sets of funny and cute black and white prints and drawings of YapYap and his friends. I especially like the ones that are printed on transparent paper and set on individually painted watercolor backgrounds. If you also fell in love with YapYap at first sight, you can find him on his website (www.yapyap.dk) or on Facebook, and you can buy the prints and other art from Kristina in this store.

This little fellow made it to my collection

This little fellow made it to my collection

YapYap drawings on watercolor background

Another beauty on watercolor background



The “map cartel” is the latest up-and-commer in Copenhagen and Denmark. What they do is pretty simple: they make stylized, typographic maps of Copenhagen and its neighborhoods (like Vesterbro, Nørrebro etc.) with the names of the neighborhoods printed on them. Their minimalistic design comes in different colors and they have extended their portfolio to include other big Danish cities as well. They even have a special editions for Germany, Berlin and Paris! All their designs can be found in the shop on their website (www.kortkartellet.dk) as well as on Facebook and Pinterest. But they are also all over design and interior stores in Copenhagen, so next time you’re around, keep an eye out for them! I think I’ll go with a simple black-and-white one of Copenhagen for my picture wall!

A selection of prints from Kortkartellet

Colorful versions of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg


Simple Copenhagen map, styled with neon light frame


Sofie Børsting

Sofie is a Danish illustrator and designer, and she creates wonderfully whimsical and colorful drawings inspired by nature, plants, animals and with a lot of fantasy and imagination. She also makes coloring books for children! All of her art can be found on her own website (www.sofieboerstig.com) and on Facebook and Pinterest, and you can buy them in selected design stores, on Mimi’s Circus, or on Sofie’s Etsy page!

“Blue Peacock” - I love this one!

“Birds in flight”, black and white


One must dash

Whenever I hear or read this phrase, I immediately want to answer “indeed!” in my best terrible fake British accent while twirling my imaginary mustache. Behind the brand are two Swedish girls, a graphic designer and a copywriter, who, according to their website, “wish to celebrate the quirky moments of everyday life”. And their awesome, funny and witty prints are just too good not to hang virtually everywhere! Their products also include tote bags and other household items. You can find them on their website (www.onemustdash.com) and on Facebook.

The classic, complete with a mustache

I need this in my apartment, plus in every store, coffee shop etc. ever!


A Mile in the Woods

Behind this is Danish designer and artist Louise Haugaard Nielsen. Her drawings and prints are minimalistic, have a great color scheme and often have a patchwork-y touch, as if they were composed of different materials. Some are very geometric in shape, others are more playful and freely designed. They can be found on Louise’s website (www.amileinthewoods.dk) or on Facebook, and some can be bought at Danish furniture store chain Ilva.

Geometric designs by a mile in the woods

“Fest” - a more abstract play with color and shape

A watercolor piece by a mile in the woods