Beef me up, Scotty: Five great burger places in Copenhagen

I love burgers! Do you, too? If so, you’ve come to the right place! I’m on a constant exploring mission to find delicious burgers all around Copenhagen, and I have a couple more on my “to try” list. But for now, here are five of my favorite burger places! What are yours? Which ones did I miss or should I try next? Share in the comments below!


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What can I say, Halifax is my favorite burger place in Copenhagen. The variety they offer simply can’t be beat - build your own burger with a bun (classic or whole grain), patty (classic beef, chicken or a vegetarian option of either chickpea or green pea patties), style, sides and sauces. The possibilities are endless! My personal favorite is the Mexican style burger with guacamole and a spicy salsa, for which I like to choose the green pea patty. Another great combination is the Tokyo burger, topped with an Asian coleslaw and a spicy miso sauce - I recommend the chicken for this. Their homemade remoulade sauce is absolutely fantastic!

Four locations in the city (Trianglen Østerbro, Nørreport, Forum Frederiksberg, and city center) - burgers DKK 120-140 (incl. sides and dips) - takeaway and delivery -

Vesterbro’s Originale Burgerrestaurant


Located in an old sauna, this place on funky Istedgade is definitely worth a visit. Great burgers, I recommend the classic “Den Originale” with cheddar and bacon. Major plus in my book: they have curly fries! I don’t know why, but they just taste so much better than their boring, straight cousins. They also make their own ketchup, which is absolutely fantastic.

Istedgade 34-36, Vesterbro - burgers DKK 85-89, side orders DKK 15-35 -

Haché Gourmet Burgers

With two restaurants in Copenhagen, Haché have definitely made a name for themselves and their tasty burgers. Their Nørreport restaurant has a sort of industrial, low-key charme, but the friendly staff makes up for what some might perceive as a lack of coziness. Their burgers are prime, with limousine beef patties and great homemade sauces. The barbecue burger is highly recommended. They are also famous for their deep-fried Mars bars, but I have to say, I’m not a fan. They have special lunch offers, too. (see my full review here)

Two locations (Nørreport, Valby) - burgers DKK 100, side orders DKK 35 - takeaway and delivery -

Cocks & Cows

The - admittedly unusual - name of the two restaurants stands for cocktails and burgers, which is what they are known for. I’ve only been in the one on Gammel Strand, which I absolutely loved. I really liked the atmosphere - you’re seated either in American-style booths along the wall, or at one of the long massive wooden tables with benches. Their cocktails are delicious and quite strong, and the burgers are oh-so-nom! I highly recommend their Sweet American bread, which comes branded with their logo and adds a really nice flavor. They are really milking their name theme, from the cocktail names to the signs on the bathroom doors that say “cocks” and “cows”. I recommend that you book a table in advance.

Two locations (Gammel Strand, Rådhuspladsen) - burgers DKK 89-129, sides DKK 29, sauces DKK 12 - takeout and delivery -

XO Burgers and Steaks

We tried this place out on a weeknight, as it’s conveniently located right across the street from Palads movie theater, where we had tickets for later that night. Online portals such as Yelp have some mixed reviews, but I think the place actually offers a very good burger experience! Their interior is very nice, American style with cozy leather booths and a nice color scheme. The staff was very friendly, and our food was served very quickly (but we ate early so it wasn’t very busy). I tried the English style burger with HP sauce and sunny side up egg, and it was very good. Very nice meat, cooked to perfection. Worth mentioning are the potato wedges - real, big, oven baked wedges, from real potato, nicely seasoned and going great with their chili mayo. Yum!

Axeltorv 3 (across the street from Palads) - DKK burgers 99-159, sides DKK 30, sauces DKK 10 -

A weekend treat: Spicy chicken burgers with avocado crema

Confession: I love burgers. Yes, there’s that little voice inside my head saying “you know, salads are much healthier!” and “you probably shouldn’t order fries with that!” and “you’re going to regret that tomorrow!” but I will always, and that is ALWAYS!,  be up for a good burger! (and to you, little voice: YES I should order fries with that and NO the only way I’ll regret this decision is if the burger turns out to be un-yummy!)

There’s a number of great burger places in Copenhagen. Halifax, for instance, is the obvious answer, but I’ve also written about a great burger place in Vesterbro and, most recently, Café von Fressen in Frederiksberg. If you’re looking for a good burger in Copenhagen, chances are you won’t be disappointed.

But why not make a nice burger at home? If you’re looking for a slightly different recipe, here it is: A nice juicy patty of ground chicken with some chili and sharp red cheddar, topped off with a nice avocado crema - delicious! You can of course feel free to add any other toppings or condiments to the burger, for example I imaging that some crispy bacon would be AH-mazing!

burger 1

Spicy chicken burgers with avocado crema

(for 4 persons)

400g ground chicken

1 small red onion

50g grated red cheddar

1 egg

2 tbsp. bread crumbs

1 ripe avocado

2 tbsp. yoghurt or creme fraiche

4 burger buns

salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin

tomato and cucumber slices

if desired, other condiments (e.g. ketchup, mustard)

if desired, other ingredients (e.g. bacon)

Chop the onion into small cubes. Mix with ground chicken and grated cheddar, add egg and breadcrumbs and season with salt, pepper and chili powder (you can also opt to finely hack a red chili and use that instead). Form four burger patties and grill or fry in a pan. Ensure that they are done all the way since it’s chicken!

Cut avocado into cubes and put into the blending container of a stick blender. Add the yoghurt or creme fraiche. Season with salt and cumin. Blend until smooth. (Side note: Avocado and cumin is possibly one of my favorite combinations ever. They just go together so well. If you haven’t tried it, do so immediately!)

Toast the burger buns and cut in half. Put a patty on each bottom bun, top off with the avocado crema, tomato and cucumber slices as desired. I also used a little bit of sweet mustard and some ketchup on mine (because I LOVE ketchup. I will put it on anyhting. Seriously. If it’s not dessert, I might just put ketchup on it. Don’t judge me!).

Ignore the little voice in your head and serve with fries or potato wedges. You’re having a chicken burger. That’s healthy!

Spicy chicken burger with avocado crema

Spicy chicken burger with avocado crema