An evening at Höst Copenhagen

Happy Monday everyone - let’s all for a second pretend that something like that actually exists! I confess: I don’t like Mondays. I’m a weekend person. And maybe Friday, because that’s almost weekend. But seriously - whoever decided that out of the seven days of the week, we should be working on five and relaxing on two - that was a BAD idea! What’s wrong with a 4-3 split? Much more manageable, if you ask me!

Oh, last weekend. You were glorious. You were three days long and full of good company, delicious food and wine, and relaxing. I already miss you. We had a great time together, didn’t we?

Starting out on Friday with a day off from work, which I pretty much exclusively spent in the kitchen preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Sans turkey, because this girl only has one oven. And probably wouldn’t really dare make a 12 pound bird anyways. Oh well. The main part of the weekend was then spent relaxing on the couch, recovering from the feast, watching series, maybe taking a little walk. But Sunday night, you were a highlight! And I shall turn all my attention to you now.

I was meeting a bunch of friends for dinner. I know this bunch from the wine tastings I frequently (maybe too frequently?) attend - that’s how you can tell they’re great people! We went to a place I had long had on my “must try” list - Höst. Part of the Cofoco restaurant group, they are an upscale, but affordable restaurant focusing on New Nordic cuisine. The entire place is styled through to the last roll of toilet paper, and they even have their own line of dinner ware (how beautiful is this?!). For some great pictures of the interior, see here.

As we were a larger group, we had to decide on the menu beforehand, and we chose “An evening at Höst”, which is a 3 course menu with an accompanying wine menu, coffee and petit fours, and water. Much to our delight, our very sweet waitress told us that, actually, there were a couple of surprises and we were actually going to end up with six courses. More food, you say? Count me in!

Now, I don’t want to lose many words on the menu or the wine, I’m not a food critic and would probably embarrass myself. I will say, though, that this was one of the best overall restaurant experiences I have had in Copenhagen. Everything is styled through to perfection, but without being artificial. It’s not the kind of perfect you’re afraid to touch. It’s the kind of perfect you wish you’d be able to recreate because it looks so easy (spoiler alert: you won’t be able to. Okay, I won’t be able to.)

Enough with the words. Dive right in and feast your eyes on these wonderful dishes!

Scallops with cucumber, buttermilk sauce and cracked wheat

Why are we not serving more food in shells?!

Muffins with caramelized onions

Hake with kohlrabi, dill and blue mussel sauce

Homemade sauce on crispy bread with field salad…

… accompanied by a mushroom soup. As a German, this is hurtful to admit, but this was one of the best sausages I’ve ever eaten. Drinking warm soup through a straw is a bit weird, though.

Duck with purple kale, celeriac-puree and sauce based on roasted duck-skin, walnuts and pickled truffle 

A sort of caramel-y chocolate cream with a hint of liquorice (okay, I’ll forgive that), drizzled with sea buckthorn

Christmas-tea ice cream with meringue and cherry compote, with black tea on top

Finally, brewed coffee and this selection of petit fours, including marshmallows and caramel wafers

I’ll be going back here soon, that’s for sure, and I strongly recommend that you try it out, if you haven’t yet! Have a great start into your week!