A weekend wishlist

I’ve been out from work this week for medical reasons, and since I was mainly lying around on my couch, that gave me plenty of opportunity to browse the net and find a lot of great things to put on my wishlist…

For example, how great is this lemonade jar from HouseDoctor?

On the website here, find a local dealer here

Just ordered a pair of these Lacoste slippers - can’t wait to wear them around the summer house!

Lacoste “Marice” slippers, via Zalando here

Now that spring is here, I can’t wait to get my hands of some fresh rhubarb! I’ve pinned about a thousand recipes already, but how pretty do these meringue nests look?

Meringue nests with basil scented strawberry rhubarb compote, recipe here

Since I’m currently not allowed to wear heels, I’m always hunting for nice flats and sneakers. How cute are these seersucker keds? I’m obsessed with the nautical style!

Seersucker keds, via Urban Outfitters

For all the nice spring flowers, I want one of these adorable flower pots! They also come with the print “A little flower makes me smile”.

Madam Stoltz flower pot

Finally, I really, really, really want to go back to Croatia…

Croatia in seven stops, travel tips here


Every home needs one of these: Bar carts

I don’t know about you, but I just love bar carts! I think they give a really elegant and fancy vibe - if styled correctly. I’ve been wanting to have one forever, and I’m always on the lookout for a nice cart that I could use. I’m not quite sure yet whether I want to go with the vintage vibe, or if I want something more modern and clean. Here are some ideas I have collected so far - cheers!


1. The Cart

Not quite a cart, but a side bar

Very “Gatsby-like”, old-school bar cart

I love the wheels on this whimsical beauty

One of my favorites so far: trolley by House Doctor

Modern, minimalistic bar cart


2. The Necessities

I think we can all agree that a good bar cart needs one thing: alcohol. Here are some of the must-haves to make your bar cart stylish AND functional.

Champagne cooler, Bloomingville

Extravagant: champagne sabre by Karim Rachid for MENU

Stylish: ice cube cooler by eva solo

Glass caraffe by Miss Étoile

Martini glass by eva solo

Wine thermometer, by MENU

Wine cooler “Oleby” by IKEA

Copper cocktail shaker by Crate&Barrel

Wine tools by eva solo


3. The Accessories

Finally, you want to make your bar cart fun! Here are some cute accessories.

Napkins by Bloomingville

Fruit bowl “Embrace” by Stelton

Paper straws with matching sticky labels by Miss Étoile


4. The Cocktail Books

I know, I know, nowadays there’s nothing easier than looking up a cocktail recipe on the internet, but I still think that some carefully selected cocktail recipe books can be both decorative and useful for a bar cart. Here’s a selection.

Cocktails with a literary twist

Vintage cocktails

As a lover of Hendrick’s gin, this one’s a gem!



For some more inspiration on bar carts and more great tips, check out these sites: