Week 28: 5 things to do in Copenhagen this weekend

It’s weekend time again! And could the weather be any better? I don’t think it could! So grab your sunscreen, sunglasses and straw hat, and head out there! Here are five things to do in Copenhagen this weekend. Enjoy!


Free guided tour through Emil Nolde exhibition

What - Louisiana Museum of Modern Art currently has an exhibition of Emil Nolde’s paintings. A classic modernist, Nolde’s paintings are colorful and very expressive.

Why - Louisiana is a great destination for a day-trip away from the city, and with the free guided tour, you’ll be able to take away much more from the exhibition!

Where - Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk

When - 11th July, 13h

How much - entrance to the museum (DKK 110), no additional charge

More information - Louisiana’s website


Passenger at Tivoli

What - Tivoli’s weekly concert, Fredagsrock, features popular artist Passenger (known from his famous song “Let her go”) on Friday

Why - The weather invites for a Tivoli visit - stay a bit longer and enjoy some music on the big stage!

Where - Tivoli Gardens, big stage

When - 11th July, 22h

How much - entrance to Tivoli (DKK 99), no additional charge

More information - fredagsrock.dk


Jazz and street food on Papirøen

What - Copenhagen Street Food is located on Papirøen, right in the Copenhagen harbor. During the jazz festival, they have outdoors concerts there, too!

Why - Grab a bite and sit in the sun to enjoy some jazzy tunes by the water - summer doesn’t get much better!

Where - Papirøen

When - 11th-13th July, 14h

How much - free

More information - Copenhagen Street Food - Jazz Festival: concerts on Papirøen


Grab an ice cream at Østerberg

What - There’s a new ice cream place in town! Østerberg Ice Cream has just opened up shop in Østerbro, and invites you to taste their homemade ice cream and waffles.

Why - During this heat, who doesn’t crave ice cream? Combine it with a stroll along Østerbrogade and enjoy the sun!

Where - Rosenvængets Allé 7C, Østerbro

When - all days, 13-21h (Friday & Saturday until 22h)

How much - DKK 24 per scoop

More information - oesterberg-ice.dk


Watch the World Cup final!

What - The 2014 World Cup is coming to an end with only two more games left to play. One of them is the grand final, where Germany will definitely beat Argentina to win the trophy and all the glory. Obivously! If you don’t want to watch alone on your couch at home, you should head out to either Islands Brygge, or, if you’re a German or a Germany fan, to Heidi’s Bier Bar near Rådhuspladsen.

Why - Because it’s so much more fun to watch with others!

Where - Islands Brygge, or Heidi’s Bier Bar

When - 13th July, 21h

How much - free

More information - Islands Brygge - Heidi’s Bier Bar