Exploring Denmark’s hidden gems: Sorø

I am a huge fan of weekend trips. It doesn’t always have to be the two week beach vacation (although that’s also pretty nice!), sometimes it’s just great to break out of the daily routines and spend a night or two away from home. We have a couple of trips planned for this summer, one to Oslo and one to a secret location that the boyfriend will only learn when we’re at the airport. But this weekend, we felt like a much needed weekend break!

Denmark is without a doubt a beautiful country, with green landscapes and the sea all around. And a vacation or especially a weekend getaway doesn’t always have to be far away! I found a great offer in a very nice hotel which included a dinner as well, so we jumped in the car after work on Friday and drove out to the small town of Sorø, located in the middle of Zealand (Sjælland), about an hour’s drive away from Copenhagen (although it turned out to be longer than that due to masses of people leaving Copenhagen on the first day of school vacations!).

The hotel is a Danish “kro”, typical historic inns now turned stylish hotels and lodges. The history of kros actually dates back several hundred years, when a royal decree stipulated that there had to be an inn every couple of miles to ensure that travellers could get food, drink, and rest. Nowadays, they can still be found many places, especially small towns and villages away from the main roads. Some of them even have gourmet restaurants or spas, making them a great choice for a weekend getaway. Many kros offer special deals such as the one we got during the summer period, so be on the lookout! This website has a good overview of kros across Denmark.

Comwell Sorø Storkro

Comwell Sorø Storkro

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