A maritime weekend in Oslo, pt. 3

Ah, Oslo. You were truly wonderful! If only you could have given us slightly better weather, we would have lost our hearts completely. But you know that saying “any city looks great in the sun” - Oslo can even pull off rain and still be stylish and pretty. Upon waking up on Sunday, the first glance out of the window was still promising, but as we were sitting down to stuff ourselves at the lovely breakfast buffet, it was already raining cats and dogs! We laughed at tourist groups in matching rain coats and then grabbed our umbrellas to brace the weather and head down to the harbor.

Our plan was to take a ferry out to Bygdøy, a peninsula where a lot of museums are located. After completely leaving out muesums in Helsinki, we felt it was high time for some culture and learning, and also, museums are (usually) an indoors activity, hence no rain! We hopped on the adorable little ferry boat and chug-chug-chugged away on the stormy seas towards the island.



The first museum we headed to is called Fram, a museum about polar exploration, which houses the famous polar vessel by the same name, as well as tons of information about polar explorers and the trips they took, especially the race to the South Pole between Roald Amundsen of Norway and Robert Scott of Britain. You can go aboard the ship and go under deck (a slightly claustrophobic experience, and the air in there is really bad - I have no idea how they actually managed to live on the ship for so long!), and read up a lot about the polar expeditions, the North and South Pole, and the explorers, who, without fail, had a strong mustach game going on!



From the Fram museum, it’s only a stone’s throw to the Norwegian Maritime Museum. Norway as a whole is so strongly dependent on the sea, and the museum has a great selection of exhibitions that showcase the different ways the ocean influences the life of Norwegians. My personal favorite was the selection of maritime paintings. They also have an interactive section, where the boyfriend and I spent about 20 minutes playing a computer game simulating the shipping industry. He won, even though I got the cars to Norway faster and my clients were really happy… but I digress. It was a fun museum, and they had a very delicious apple pie in the cafeteria, which made up for my unfair defeat.


We needed some fresh air, and the timing was perfect because the sun had just decided to peek out from behind the clouds, so we sat for a bit in the park and enjoyed the weather.




The third and final museum we visited was the Kon Tiki Museum. I hadn’t actually heard of this before, but the boyfriend was adamant in his wish to visit the museum, so I came along, of course. In case you, like me, aren’t aware, the museum centers around the work of Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian adventurer who wanted to prove that contact between ancient cultures was possible. He did so by constructing boats and floats using materials and techniques that would have been available to those ancient cultures, and he managed to cross the Pacific Ocean on such a vessel (see Kon-Tiki Expedition). His other explorations took him to places like the Easter Islands. The museum shows the original vessel from the Kon-Tiki expedition - insane to believe that six men spent 100 days on that tiny float (picture shows Ra II, used for another expedition)! A very interesting museum, as also evidenced by the entries in the guest book.



Then it was time to head back to the hotel, collect our stuff and head out to the airport, where we decided to spend some quality time in the lounge before boarding. I may or may not also have bought a handbag on the way to the gate - oops!




All in all, a great weekend, and I can’t wait to go back, maybe in the spring? I could imagine Oslo is lovely in the spring!

Week 27: 4 things to do in Copenhagen this weekend

First of all - apologies for skipping last weekend’s tips! I was busy planning out spontaneous getaway to Sorø, so I simply didn’t find the time. Also, this weekend I only have four events for you, because it’s Roskilde time, and that’s basically THE main event happening in the wider Copenhagen area! But don’t worry, even if you’re not going to Roskilde, I’ve found some great stuff for you, so check out the list below! And the jazz festival is just starting, so there’s plenty, plenty of different concerts to attend. You won’t be bored, I’m sure - have a great weekend!


Copenhagen Jazz Festival

What - I’ve mentioned this in my big roundup of summer festivals in Copenhagen, and it’s kicking off this weekend! You can start with an open air concert, if the weather permits, or with Charenee Wade at the legendary Jazzhus Montmartre.

Why - It’s one of the most famous and popular jazz festivals in the world, with over 250,000 people in attendance of the various events. You should be number 250,001!

Where - multiple locations across Copenhagen

When - 4th - 13th July

How much - some concerts are free, some require tickets

More info - jazz.dk


All American Natnight at the National Museum

What - In celebration of American Independence Day, the National Museum is hosting an “American night” with music, special exhibitions and a concert by Nikolaj Hess, playing Bob Dylan’s greatest hits.

Why - If you’re American or interested in the American culture, this sounds like a fun way to spend the 4th of July! The café is open as well, and there’s some program for kids.

Where - National Museum, Ny Vestergade 10

When - 4th July, open from 16h

How much - entrance is free, but tickets are required for the concert

More info - natmus.dk


Salsa in the park

What - Feel like dancing the night away? No problem with the free Salsa lessons every Saturday at Fælledparken! Starting with a beginner’s lesson, the teachers will get you up to speed so you can dance until your feet hurt!

Why - Because dancing under the open sky is so much fun!

Where - Dansepladsen at Fælledparken

When - 5th July, 18:30-19h (intro lesson), 19-23h Salsa party

How much - free

More info - SalsaLibre


Paint your own cup at Royal Copenhagen

What - Royal Copenhagen is famous for their porcelain, the classic version is white with blue flowers. At their “painters’ school”, you’ll paint your own thermo cup - and take it home afterwards, of course!

Why - One of THE Copenhagen classics, you basically have to have some Royal Copenhagen stuff at home. And how much cooler is it if you can say you painted it yourself?!

Where - Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store

When - 6th July, 10:30h (registration required!)

How much - DKK 300

More info - Royal Copenhagen