All pump(kin)ed up: Halloween Tivoli

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I love Halloween Tivoli! I also love Christmas Tivoli, and summer Tivoli, but that’s a story for a different day - you can be sure, though, that a post on Christmas Tivoli is definitely coming up!

It had been raining like crazy last weekend, but we were hopeful that it would stop come Monday (doesn’t it always?!), so a friend and I headed out Monday afternoon to take a look. As expected, the Tivoli decorator teams went completely berserk, and we loved it! First of all, pumpkins EVERYWHERE! Second, spooky decorations. Skeletons, zombies, spider webs, you name it, it was there.



They also have a special haunted house called Hotel Scary, but since we’re both huge sissies (okay, it’s me. I’m the sissy), we decided not to enter. I should say that I’m probably the easiest person ever to startle and scare, so I tend to stay away from haunted houses and the like. I’m too young to die of a heart attack!


“The perfect way to ruin a good date”

There’s plenty of fun things to do for kids as well, and since we’re just big kids, too, we happily stirred in the witch’s cauldron for a photo op.


Did I mention that there were a lot of pumpkins?


HUGE pumpkins!




If you feel you’re in need of a break from all the pumpkin madness, why not treat yourself to a nice hot chocolate at one of the cafés - doesn’t this look super cozy?


We rewarded ourselves with a huge portion of churros with caramel sauce, and continued to wander through the spooky atmosphere. I really love the way they put these pumpkin-head figures together in little scenes!



We left before it went dark, but I can only imagine that the park will be even more awesome (and spooky!) when darkness has fallen and all the undead rise! On the way out, I did indeed almost suffer a minor heart attack - one of the park attendants was wearing white face paint and white contact lenses - eek! After dark, there are even more costumed staff roaming the walkways, so I will obviously only go back with my Viking to protect me!

Have you been to Halloween Tivoli yet? And did you dare to enter Hotel Scary, or chicken out, like I did?