Week 25: 5 things to do in Copenhagen this weekend

It’s Friday, and that means it’s weekend! Here’s my weekly roundup of things to do in Copenhagen this weekend - hope you have a great one!


Swedish Midsommar

What - This is slightly short-notice, I realize - sorry! - but if you have nothing planned for tonight, get on a train as fast as you can and head over to Malmö to experience one of the most important Swedish holidays: midsommar, the longest day of the year. It’s a whole-day celebration, but there will be parties going on all night!

Why - If you can’t make it, at least look at these beautiful pictures from It’s Raining Flamingos and Foxes to get an impression. And put it on the list for next year!

Where - Folkets Park, Malmö

When - 20th June, 10-20h

How much - free

More information - Homepage

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