Typical Danish: Hot dogs

Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now without a post on hot dogs! Hot dogs are the Danish fast food, it’s as easy as that. The “pølsevogn” (hot dog stand/ cart) is omnipresent in the city - in the shopping streets, on squares, at train stations, at the […]

Typical Danish: Fastelavn

This week, in addition to most kids being off from school for “vinterferie” (winter vacation), we’re also celebrating Fastelavn in Denmark. Fastelavn is basically the Danish form of carnival, which exists in many more or less similar forms across the globe (from the famous carnival in Brazil to Mardi Gras in New Orleans all the […]

The taste of Danish Christmas

Christmas is kind of a big deal in Denmark. In absence of Thanksgiving, there’s only one holiday, Mortens aften (St. Martin’s Day) on the 10th of November, between Halloween and Christmas. That effectively means that Christmas season begins in November, at the latest when the gates of Tivoli open again after Halloween. Christmas is season […]

Typical Danish: Thank you for… everything

The Danes are a very polite people. Even if it may initially seem like they are a bit reserved, there are in fact a lot of little rules around politeness. As a foreigner, these can be difficult to navigate. Especially the protocol around thanking people can seem a bit excessive, but it is recommendable that […]

Eat Smart in Denmark book launch [and a cool give-away for you!]

This week, I was invited to the launch event for a new book called “Eat Smart in Denmark” at Restaurant Kronborg in the city center of Copenhagen. I’m always interested in Danish cuisine and not one to turn down an invite to taste some delicious food, so this event looked very promising! The hosts - […]