A blue living room wall?

You know one thing that most Danish apartments have in common?

All white walls.

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At the most, you’ll see a bit of light grey, or maybe a colorful wall in a child’s bedroom, but generally, bold wall colors haven’t really made their way into the average Danish living space yet - at least not that I’ve seen. I think a bold statement wall is really cool. I’ve done a grey bedroom wall a couple of years back, but recently I’m finding tons of inspiration on Pinterest for what’s looking to be one of the interior trends of 2017: blue walls.

I’m a sucker for anything blue, so naturally that got me hooked. Our living room gets a lot of light through two floor-length window sections on both sides, so I’m sure we could pull off a darker color. My current thought is to paint our reading corner, where we also have our bar cart. I think the brass would look amazing against a blue backdrop, don’t you think?

Here are some of the pins that inspired me:

Doesn’t the bar cart look great with the blue wall in the background?

I’ve already started browsing the websites of Flügger Farver and Farrow & Ball for some suitable shades of blue, but so far, I haven’t found the perfect, moody blue yet. I don’t want it to be too green-ish/ turquoise, or too royal blue.

I’m very open for suggestions, if you know of any place I could try!

What do you think about a blue statement wall?

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8 thoughts on “A blue living room wall?”

  • Love it!!! As a transplanted New Englander, I fully support your blue wall endeavor! We had a blue room at our house in the US, Pottery Barn Naval, so good luck finding just the right blue!

  • It really looks amazing! Go for it!
    It would be very uncommon in Germany, but I think thats why i love it so much!
    Good luck with it :)

  • Hey, Laura!
    I can’t believe we’re on the same quest..! We have two small wall parts in our living room in a deep, but very vivid green, for several years now, and last week this is exactly what I was telling my husband: Enough with the green, I think we need a deep, vivid blue right now, instead of this green. ! And in our bedroom too, we have a turquoise wall, that i want to change to a dusty, serenity blue :)
    I LUV blue shades in almost everything.. It’s a color of positivity, serenity, confidence and to me, creates a sense of..security. These blues you shared are so elegant, strong and deep, but in a strange way..comfy.
    So, here are a few shades I like, maybe to get ispired: Benjamin Moore -whose paints are wonderful- : Hale Navy & Van Deusen Blue (lighter, abit dusty). Also, these Ralph Lauren blues, i found on Pinterest -very nice- (though they are not available here in Greece, don’t know about Denmark): Harbour (RLTH229) & Carson Blue (RLTH230).
    Also Pantone might help you, check out their color finder: https://www.pantone.com/color-finder.

    Keep on the quest (and please let us know, should you end up to your perfect blue shade!)

    Blue greetings from the Athenian blue sky!
    Angela :)

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