The Copenhagen Tales

You know I love a good poster. White walls are boring! Posters add a personal touch, and if that includes a healthy amount of sass and snark, where do I sign up?!

I recently came across this awesome poster on social media, and I couldn’t stop laughing at it. It’s called Judgmental Copenhagen Map, and that’s exactly what it is - take a look for yourself! It’s amazingly snarky and just so on point. And who doesn’t love to be a little judgy sometimes?

I think my favorites are “strollers & lattes” (yup, that pretty much describes Østerbro), “Discount Frederiksberg” and “Budget Hellerup”, both also strikingly accurate, and “silicone boobs” in Islands Brygge (I’m reading this as a reference to the TV show “Familien fra Bryggen” and I am the first one to judge myself for knowing that). I literally snorted my coffee through my nose at “gentrification scheduled soon” on the outer edge of Nørrebro. THE ACCURACY.

Side note: According to this map, I officially live in “got a little money”, so I shall adopt this nomenclature whenever someone asks me where in Copenhagen I live. Definitely has a better ring to it than “like, by Sydhavn, but not like Sydhavn-Sydhavn, more like the nice area… you know?”

There’s also a super funny map of the Copenhagen S-train system, in which they have literally translated the names of the stations. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here, forever laughing at “Souldizzy” (Sjælør), “Sloppy Castle” (Klampenborg), “Pete’s Explosion Road” (Peter Bangs Vej), and “Dadspace” (Farum). Also, my boyfriend grew up in “Existenceless” (Værløse), so I’m actually quite impressed by how he managed that!

Both maps are available at MetroMash - here‘s the judgmental Copenhagen map, and here‘s the S-train map. They’d make an awesome Christmas present for a fellow Copenhagener, don’t you think?

Where on those maps do you live? And are they accurate? Let me know in the comments below!

December 14, 2016


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