Between the years: A Danish and German winter wonderland

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and some great days off to enjoy with your family and loved ones. If you’re anything like me, you have practically been eating non-stop these past couple of days, and are now feeling like you need a break from food in general! But I’m still at my parents’ house in Germany, and my mom will not stop serving me delicious stuff to eat, so my resistance is futile. I guess I’ll just have to eat extra healthy come the new year (what an original New Year’s resolution!).

I’ll be posting in more detail about the fun Danish Christmas I’ve had once I get back home. But I we were so lucky to have snow both in Denmark and here in Germany (well, re-define lucky when your 8am flight gets delayed because the aircraft needs de-icing), I wanted to share some nice snowy pictures with you!

In Denmark, it snowed in the night from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, so we woke up to everything covered in a thin white blanket. I love the smell of snow and the freshness it brings to the air, so I went out in the garden to take some pictures.






Down here in Germany, we arrived early on the 26th and there was no snow at all, but again, we woke up to a world in white on the 27th. I had received an amazing new prime lens for my camera, so my dad and I went for a hike through the forest to take some pictures. Aren’t the woods in the snow just so magical?







Have you had snow for Christmas?

Winter in Copenhagen

Aaah, yes. It is winter. And me, personally, I’m pretty much done with winter after Christmas, okay, maybe New Year. But from January 2nd, I’m ready for spring! Sunshine, flowers, birds singing, warm air, … but no. Denmark is not having any of it. After all, the Danish winter only really kicks of in January and February. And this week, it really showed me what it can do.

On Monday, the first snow fell, and with it came some pretty nasty wind. Well, it’s always kinda windy in CPH - whoever came up with the nickname “windy city” for Chicago has obviously never been to Copenhagen! - but in combination with the snow, it gets downright unpleasant. No matter how many layers you wear, the icy wind will make sure the cold creeps all the way through wool, cotton or whatever fabric you chose to wear. There is no escape!

Average day in Copenhagen


Especially near the water (where I live and also where my workplace is) it can get pretty bad. Seriously, some mornings it’s nearly impossible to make your way up the street against the wind at Tuborg Havn!

Standard morning at Tuborg Havn


But then, we also got some snow, and people got all excited (I say people, not me, because, again, I am done with anything winter-y after Christmas!). One of my coworkers described the Danish winter to me as follows: “It gets really cold, and then it rains a lot, and the rain freezes as it hits the ground, but it almost NEVER snows!”

So when it actually did snow, people were super-happy and started dreaming about ski vacations, snowmen and igloos in their front yards, only to realize that pretty much nothing actually remained on the ground. So people got all like

SNOOOOW!!! And it’s gone! (via


On this note, I have to say that the “When You Live in Copenhagen” Tumblr has some very truthful and hilarious facts, so do stop by there! There’s another one called “When You Live in Denmark“, which is also quite fun.

So basically, the weekend will be spent at home, cuddled up and drinking tea or hot chocolate (with Baileys!). I still have a couple of books I haven’t read yet, so maybe this is the time…

I hope the weather is more pleasant wherever you are!

A sunny Sunday in Copenhagen

So, just in time for the beginning of the week, the weather in Denmark decided to take a turn for the worse - it feels a good 10 degrees colder than yesterday, plus, it started snowing today. But not the nice kind of big, soft flakes, but the annoying, almost-rain kind, paired with strong winds that blow the stuff right in your face and the cold right through all the layers of clothes. So the best thing to do really is this:

I’m not coming out again

However, yesterday was a very pleasant day. Yes, it was cold and yes, it was windy, but there was some sun, too, and that makes everything better.

I was meeting a friend in the city, and as I was a little early, I took a little trip into Magasin - I swear, just to take a look! - and whoops! found an awesome Filippa K dress on sale. Score!

As we walked out of the store, we saw the Royal Guard on their way to Amalienborg for the daily changing of the guards. So we decided to follow them and watch it a little bit (not that I haven’t seen it about a dozen times, with the viking boyfriend having been a “garder”, but I still really enjoy it!).

Changing of the guards at Amalienborg castle

Changing of the guards at Amalienborg castle

As I said, it was cold, so we decided not to watch the entire ceremony, where they walk around the courtyard and change every single guard separately, but instead head to nearby café Mormors (Grandma’s) on Bredgade. I’ve been here before and I really like this place - it’s an adorable mix between a café and a souvenir/ decoration/ toy store, complete with some cool antique interiors. I can only recommend their coffee and sandwiches, and be sure to try one of the freshly made juices or smoothies. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet, they have a great selection of pastries, cupcakes, cookies etc. Definitely a great place for a Sunday afternoon coffee!

Interior at Mormors

I feel very understood here!

Amazing cupcake for the chocolate princess (me!)

Cool old coffee and tea boxes

BIG cup of chai latte and a healthy smoothie - in a Tuborg glass, because after all, this is still Denmark!

BIG cup of chai latte and a healthy smoothie - in a Tuborg glass, because after all, this is still Denmark!


Funny little gift (I think there’s toffees inside)


Love this sign: “Kids that aren’t supervised by their parents will be given free espresso and a kitten to take home!”

All in all, a very enjoyable Sunday! And now please excuse me, I have to get back to wrapping myself in seventeen blankets, putting on wool socks, and drinking obscene amounts of hot chocolate!

But don’t despair, I’m leaving you with this message seen at Kongens Nytorv:


“Don’t worry, the summer will be back!”