Germany for the weekend

Germany for the weekend

Nothing like a long weekend in good old Germany to recharge the batteries and spend some quality time with the family! It’s not exactly like I was burned out from the post-Easter four day work week, but hey, better not get in the rhythm again – so we took Monday off and hopped on a flight to Düsseldorf.

Germany for the weekend | The Copenhagen Tales

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We left Saturday morning, because I had something important to do Friday night: “cash in” my Valentine’s present, a photography class! I’ve had my camera for almost two years now, but I’ve never actually learned to properly use all its functions (shameful!). I use a very forgiving lens most of the time, so I managed, but there was always a little voice in the back of my head, saying “you totally don’t know what you’re doing!”  My dad is an avid and very good hobby photographer, but although I love him dearly, he is not the most patient teacher, so my boyfriend swooshed in like a knight in shining armor and gave me this course.

And it couldn’t have been more awesome! We learned the basics that I already kind of knew a little bit – aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, etc. – and it finally clicked! The teacher also took the time to go through each of our cameras with us, showing us exactly where to find the different settings, and we got to try different things in practice. Even though it was only a three hour course, I walked away feeling fully confident using my camera in manual mode now. I can only recommend these courses – you can book them through

Camera course! 📷

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But I digress! We arrived in Düsseldorf around mid-day Saturday, where my dad picked us up to go to my home town, which is about 100km away. Both my sisters were visiting as well, so it was happy family time with homemade pizza, a long walk through the woods, board games, and cocktails.

Germany for the weekend | The Copenhagen Tales

Germany for the weekend | The Copenhagen Tales

Germany for the weekend | The Copenhagen Tales
Whiskey Sours in my new vintage cocktail glasses!

Sunday was my mom’s birthday, so we got up early to sing (family tradition), toast with some champagne, and unwrap presents.

Germany for the weekend | The Copenhagen Tales

Germany for the weekend | The Copenhagen Tales
The birthday girl

I was rocking my new favorite flower pants from mint & berry. Love them – they are so summery!

Germany for the weekend | The Copenhagen Tales

In the afternoon, more family visited for some cake. And when I say “some cake”, I mean more than we could ever have finished!

There was a super rich and scrumptious chocolate cheesecake, a moist and flavorful vegan carrot cake, a chocolate grapefruit layer cake, an apricot tarte, a banoffee pie, and a strawberry roulade. I ate a piece of each, and I regret nothing!

Germany for the weekend | The Copenhagen Tales

Needless to say we had leftovers for breakfast the next day!  Do other people do leftover cake breakfasts, or is it just my hedonistic family?

Since we felt that we hadn’t eaten quite enough, we went out for a birthday dinner, too. Someone please roll me home, thanks!

The next morning, I had an appointment to get my hair cut. I usually do this when I go back home, I even have my go-to hairdresser. It’s not that Danes don’t do good haircuts, but both my hair and my haircut needs are very simple – I have straight hair and usually just want the long ends trimmed and maybe the slightest hint of layers – so I really don’t need to pay DKK 600 and above for a decent haircut here, if I can get the same for less than half the price back in Germany. Plus, I like catching up with my hairdresser, she’s a peach. So here’s my new ‘do!

Germany for the weekend | The Copenhagen Tales

Getting home and spending some time with the family is always so relaxing, especially if it’s a long weekend. I can’t wait to head to Southern France for our family summer vacation in two months’ time!

What’s everyone else been up to this weekend?

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