Copenhagen favorites: Karma Sushi

Copenhagen favorites: Karma Sushi

One of the questions I get asked a lot is where to find great sushi in Copenhagen. Truth be told, the sushi landscape isn’t the greatest, and you’ll probably go to a lot of places that are mediocre or okay at best before you hit the jackpot. But that’s why I’m here to tell you where to get your fix of Japanese delicacies: Karma Sushi, near Nyhavn.

It took me about two and a half years to find this place, but I’m really glad I did! I came across it through a friend who works there part-time, and she suggested we try it out – and I’m totally sold. I’ll still order my take-away at Sukuri Sushi here in Sluseholmen, both because it’s awesome and practical, and because I want to keep them in business. But if I feel like going out for some makis and inside-out rolls, Karma Sushi has quickly become a new favorite.

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Located on Peder Skrams Gade, two or three streets down from Nyhavn, Karma Sushi has a restaurant area and a bar area, separated by thin curtains, which give the place a very elegant feel. Furniture and interior are minimalistic and upscale, with a nice mix of Danish design and Japanese inspiration.

Karma Sushi Copenhagen

The restaurant is all à la carte, and you can either choose a menu or order after your own preference. I do find their menus very well balanced, though, and usually go for one or two to share with my company. There’s a luxury menu that includes starters, sushi, sashimi, and even whole legs of crab.

Of the starters, I highly recommend the deep-fried tempura salad – I normally don’t even like shrimp, but these are buttery soft, with a crunchy batter, and topped of with the most delicious chili dressing. Another thing you absolutely must order is the flambéed salmon carpaccio – topped with the same deep-fried tempura and a teriyaki syrup. Perfection!

Sushi menu at Karma Sushi Copenhagen

When you order sushi, you should most definitely go for a portion of their homemade ginger. Again, I was converted: I normally don’t like the typical sushi ginger, but their homemade version is so good I could eat it for breakfast.

Sushi menu at Karma Sushi Copenhagen

In terms of drinks, it’s always a good idea to start with a glass of bubbles – the Cava they have by the glass is really nice, with soft bubbles and a fruity, dry taste. Get a carafe of their “Karma water”, too, which is infused with lime, lemon, cucumber, and fresh mint and does wonders to cool down after a round of “Devil Tuna” rolls!

Bubbles at Karma Sushi Copenhagen

Finally, they also do desserts, and they are not to be missed, so leave some room. How does chocolate cake with salted caramel and green tea meringues sound? Or would you rather go for the coconut cheesecake with white chocolate crème, cocoa beans, and fresh blueberries? Well, you must at least sample the sour passion fruit mousse with liquorice crumble and Japanese shinzo mint! Seriously, how great do these sound? And how pretty is the cheesecake? The chocolate cake was gone too fast for me to snap a picture…

Coconut cheesecake at Karma Sushi Copenhagen

Karma Sushi is not on the cheap side – calculate around DKK 1,000 for two sharing a menu, one or two starters, dessert, wine, and water. But you won’t regret it, that I can guarantee!

Where are your favorite sushi spots in Copenhagen? Let me know in the comments!

Karma Sushi – Peder Skrams Gade 15 –


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