Three unusual places to stay in Copenhagen

Three unusual places to stay in Copenhagen

Do you know that feeling when the travel bug bites you? For me, that’s … all the time! A random idea, a friend telling me about their recent trip, or seeing a picture of a beautiful and faraway place can tickle that wanderlust in me. If only I had unlimited time off work and unlimited resources to go to all the places I want to see…

If you’re the same, why not book a quick trip to Copenhagen? I might be slightly biased here, but I think Copenhagen is always worth a visit. And if – no, when! – you do, where are you going to stay? I know Airbnb and the likes are becoming more and more popular, and I understand why (even though I’ve never tried it, I must admit). I think I’m just more of a hotel kind of person… but who doesn’t like to get breakfast served and their room made for them? That also leaves more time to experience the place you’re visiting.

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Every morning, on my way to work, I pass by CPH Living, a hotel on a boat, and I kept thinking to myself, what a cool idea, and what an unusual place to stay! I remember when I was researching for my trip to Stockholm a couple of years back, I found a hotel in an old ship, which I thought was really neat. So I thought, why not put together some really cool and unusual places for your next visit to Copenhagen? Here are my three favorites!


The Danish design hotel

If you’re visiting Copenhagen to enjoy the world-famous Danish design, there’s really only one place to stay: Hotel Alexandra. All of the roughly 60 rooms are furnished with mid-century Danish design classics – the hotel advertises that living here feels like “staying with a design-loving Dane in the Fifties or Sixties”. In the lobby, you’ll find vinyl records and design books, and one of their two suites is exclusively dedicated to world-renowned Danish designer Verner Panton (who gave us classics such as the flowerpot lamp). The hotel is located right on H.C. Andersens Boulevard, a stone’s throw from City Hall Square and Tivoli Gardens.

Hotel Alexandra, H.C. Andersens Blvd 8, 1553 Copenhagen – rooms from DKK 600 –


The one-room hotel

Located in a side street in trendy, bustling Vesterbro, Central Hotel is probably the smallest hotel in the world, with only one single room on top of a tiny little café. What it lacks in size, this boutique hotel definitely makes up for in exclusivity and quality, with its high-end retro design, wood panels, and cozy linens. You’re in walking distance from Vesterbrogade with all its restaurants, cafés, and bars, as well as the ultra hip Meatpacking District. It doesn’t get more exclusive and trendy than this!

Central Hotel & Café, Tullinsgade 1, 1610 Copenhagen – DKK 1,800 per night –


The boat hotel

Unless you get seasick easily, Copenhagen’s boat hotel, CPH Living, is a unique place to stay and see the city from a totally different angle. Waking up in one of the twelve rooms, you’ll have a beautiful view over the harbor towards the Royal Library (The Black Diamond) and Gammel Strand, with the back of the parliament building, Christiansborg, on the right. You’re only minutes away from picturesque Christianshavn with Freetown Christiania as well as laid-back and trendy Islands Brygge. Not to forget is breakfast or drinks on the rooftop terrace, enjoying the breeze!

CPH Living, Langebrogade 1C, 1411 Copenhagen – rooms from DKK 900 –


What’s the most unusual hotel or other accommodation you’ve ever stayed at? Where was it? Share in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Three unusual places to stay in Copenhagen”

  • The boat hotel looks fabulous! I really enjoyed Copenhagen last year and would love to go again this Spring so I’m going to look at availability in CPH living!

    The most unusual hotel I’ve stayed in was in Northern China, it was a guest house so we shared rooms. What made it unusual was we also shared it with bowls of turtles and gold fish.. At least they were quiet!

  • Love CPH Living!
    A trip to Copenhagen in 2010 introduced me to a new hotel experience. Floating on the water. Within walking distance of many wonderful, charming waterside neighborhoods and major cultural attractions and with a view of the sparkling Black Diamond addition to the Royal Library, the Hotel CPH Living was pure delight. Water is ever-present in Denmark and Copenhagen and being able to float on water and to be so close to it while staying in a large city was magical.
    Small rooms with minimalist design may not be for everyone, but for us they were the perfect solution to staying in a city, and not feeling too hemmed in by the congestion. When one whole wall of a room is made of glass with vistas of water, bridges and city tower spires, the space feels just right. And when the bulk of the traffic passing by is by boat and bike, you know you are in Copenhagen.

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