In search of Copenhagen’s best burger restaurant: Haché

In search of Copenhagen’s best burger restaurant: Haché

You know what I like? Burgers! I really don’t know what it is about them, but they are just so delicious. I love the variety that you can get – beef patty, chicken, maybe a veggie option, topped with all sorts of salad, vegetables, sauces and condiments, wrapped in a crispy bun. I love making my own burgers, for example my chicken burger with guacamole, but I also love going out to grab a bite. I’ve had some pretty good burgers, for example at Vesterbro’s Originale Burgerrestaurant or Von Fressen (not to mention all-time classic Halifax, but that warrants a separate post).

So last night, I met some friends for dinner at Haché near Nørreport station, across the street from Torvehallerne. They run a second restaurant by the same name in Valby.

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I’d heard great things about the place, and when I started to browse their menu online, it looked very promising (and hunger-inducing!). Compared to Halifax, for example, Haché’s selection is much more traditional and you will find many classics there, like the BBQ Burger or the Bacon & Cheese. They do have some more extravagant ones, like a Greek style burger with ground lamb, or one with tons of blue cheese. There is a chicken burger as well, and I assume you could probably ask to have chicken instead of the beef patty on any of the other burgers, too, though I didn’t try and therefore can’t be sure. For the vegetarians, there’s a burger with a zucchini patty, or a Portobello burger.

As for the side orders, you can choose between rustic fries, onion rings and chili beans, or just go for a salad (note: you can also get all burgers as a “low carb” version without the bun and with extra salad). But who wants to eat low-carb when it’s about burgers?! I, for one, was in a classic mode yesterday, so I went for the BBQ burger, which comes with a smoky barbecue sauce, a spicy salsa and cheese. On the side, we split some fries with a delicious chili mayo, which wasn’t too spicy, but with just the right kick.

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The BBQ Burger was served with some additional salsa on the side, which might have been the same one as on the burger, but I can’t tell for sure. What I can tell you for sure, though, is that the burger was fantastic! The ratio of bread-to-beef-to-other stuff was exactly right; I’m sure there are some people who would want extra beef, but for me it was perfect. The meat was nicely cooked, not dry at all and had a really good taste. The smoky barbecue sauce was really nicely complemented by the fresh, spicy salsa. The fries that came along were perfectly crispy on the outside and nice and potato-y on the inside. Not sure though why they are “rustic fries”, as they seemed pretty standard to me.

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When we had managed to (more or less) finish our burgers, we waited in excitement for dessert. The guys had been freaking out already when they saw the item on the menu: deep-fried Mars bar! I’m pretty sure this is the only place in all of Denmark where you can get one of those, and expectations were high. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed, as the fried batter and the hot, melted Mars bar mixed together to form a very strange, super-sticky consistency that I wasn’t really a fan of. The taste was… well, it tasted like Mars, so no huge surprise there. I went with an Affogato, a scoop of vanilla ice cream with espresso, which was very nice. Not sure whether the ice cream was homemade, but it was of good quality at the least, and tasted very nice.

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Overall, I will definitely come here again and try some other of their burgers. The atmosphere was very nice, too, though one of the waitresses was very eager to take our orders – she came to the table about four times before all guests had actually arrived. The price level is very fair, with 100 DKK for a burger and 35 DKK for the sides, it is on the same level as Halifax or Vesterbro’s. You absolutely receive quality for your money, so I think it’s well worth it. Recommended!

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