A fall beach walk at Amager Strand

A fall beach walk at Amager Strand

What’s up with this grey and dreary fall weather we’ve been having here in Denmark recently? It’s been cold, misty, almost foggy, and just grey, grey, grey – the sort of day where you feel like there’s no light at all! Luckily, this type of weather is exactly why the Danes invented “hygge”, and it invites for cozy afternoons, evenings, and weekends cuddled up on the couch, with a warm coffee or tea and a good book or movie. But sometimes, you just need some fresh air, so this Saturday, I convinced the boyfriend to come for a little walk on the beach with me.

We headed out to Amager Strand*, which is on the eastern border of Copenhagen, right by the airport. It’s a long stretch of beach with dunes and perfect opportunities for beach walks – or even runs, if you’re that crazy (turns out, many Copenhageners are, and now I feel bad). You can find a map overview of the beach park here.

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* Funny enough, a fall beach walk at this same beach was one of the very first posts ever on this blog!

Amager Strand, Copenhagen

There are a couple of really nice features about Amager Strand. First off, it’s got a long beach front where you can lie in the sun and swim in the summer. Secondly, there are long pathways through the dunes, which invite for running, biking, roller skating, or just walking.

Amager Strand, Copenhagen

Amager Strand, Copenhagen

Between the dunes and the street, there are actually a couple of smaller “pockets” of water, where you can even surf or windsurf, if you’re so inclined. And despite the freezing temperatures, some hardcore surfers could not resist what I imagine must be perfect wind conditions, and were racing back and forth across the water.

Windsurfers at Amager Strand, Copenhagen

There are also beach soccer and beach volleyball fields, where some tournaments are being held in the summer months. In the winter, you might see some super hardcore “vinterbadere” (winter bathers) out on the tourqoise wooden houses – this is the bathing club Helgoland. It is a private club that’s not open to the public, but there are stations along the beach where you can get changed or use a restroom. Winter swimming is quite popular in Denmark, but the sheer thought of it makes me shiver! I prefer a snuggly blanket and a hot chocolate, thank you very much!

Helgoland, Amager Strand Copenhagen

Amager Strand, Copenhagen

Along the beach, you’ll find tons of birds, of course, and especially many swans – the national bird of Denmark. They are apparently quite used to being fed by beach goers, so they are not shy and will come quite close to you. This one came very close, which allowed me to take a good picture, but when he “stood up” out of the water, I decided to make a run for it!

Swan at Amager Strand, Copenhagen

Swan and Amager Strand, Copenhagen

There was plenty of opportunity for bird watching during our walk along the dunes.

Amager Strand, Copenhagen

Bird watching at Amager Strand, Copenhagen

Bird in flight at Amager Strand, Copenhagen

On a sunny day, Amager Strand is great for spending a day or even an afternoon – if you study the map above, you’ll find more goodies, like miniature golf or go-kart, and there’s a dog beach there as well for your furry, water-loving friend. But even on a grey mid-October Saturday, there’s still something about taking a walk in the wet sand, with the grass blowing in the wind on the dunes, and the seagulls shrieking. And a well-deserved cup of tea or hot cocoa to warm up again afterwards, of course!

Seagulls at Amager Strand, Copenhagen

Amager Strand is located on Amager, close to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport and the Blue Planet Aquarium. Take metro line M2 to Amager Strand, or bus lines 77 or 78 to Amager Strandvej. 

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